April 20, 2021


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‘I’ll Kill You!’ — Psycho Cop Pulls Gun, Threatens to Murder Innocent Man for Driving Safely

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Houston, TX — If anyone reading this article, who does not have a badge, got out of their car and held another motorist at gunpoint while threatening to kill them — for slowing down too quickly — that person would be arrested on multiple charges. However, as the following video illustrates, if that person does have a badge, it is standard procedure.

Houston resident, George Dickerson was driving for his job this week when a motorcycle cop in front of him slammed on his brakes. To avoid smashing into the cop, Dickerson quickly slowed down. However, he never expected that slowing down to avoid hitting a cop would end with another cop threatening to kill him but that is exactly what happened.

A Houston sheriff’s deputy is reportedly “under investigation” after he pulled a gun on Dickerson and threatened to kill him, for slowing down.

“I mean, that’s not something you do every day is threaten to kill somebody. If I threatened to kill somebody, I’d go to jail,” said Dickerson. “If I held a gun to whomever and said I’m going to kill you, that’s a terroristic threat.”

Dickerson said that on Monday, he was in his work vehicle when he got caught between two motorcycle officers who were working a funeral procession. He explained that the officer in front of him slammed on his brakes, so he did the exact same thing to avoid smashing into him. It then forced the deputy behind Dickerson to do the same.

Because he had to slow down too fast, the Houston deputy behind Dickerson threatened to kill the innocent man.

“I’ll f**king kill you,” the deputy said. “What’s your f**king problem?”

“I didn’t do anything,” Dickers replied back, the fear of being killed by a cop, cracking in his voice.

“He said he was going to kill me because I stopped too short, and it wasn’t intentional. I was doing so because of the traffic, because of the cop in front of me. You know? I’m in a work truck. I’m definitely not going to be out there being a jerk,” said Dickerson.

Luckily for Dickerson, his coworker captured the interaction on cellphone video. Otherwise, it would have been this deranged psychopath officer’s word against Dickerson’s.

Dickerson says the interaction has left him terrified.

“I just didn’t feel like it was right. You know, I woke up this morning, I was terrified,” said Dickerson.

According to KTUL, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office says they are aware of the video and investigation is taking place into what happened.

“I know they’re not all like that. You know, there’s just, there’s a few while everybody else is amazing,” said Dickerson.

As the Free Thought Project reports—on a regular basis—police officers are caught in fits of road rage like this one all the time. While road rage is an unfortunate reality in America, when a police officer is involved, the situation becomes far more dangerous as they have authority, and they have a gun. All too often police officers will be caught road raging on innocent citizens and it is the citizen who suffers.

In fact, just last month, TFTP reported on the case of Alexander Gonzales, 27, who was killed during an alleged road rage incident with a cop. Gonzales was killed just down the road from where Dickerson was held at gunpoint after an interaction with an off-duty cop that started on a highway. The officer claimed Gonzales cut him off and brandished a gun, so he followed the man and shot at him six times — as they drove down the road — hitting Gonzales and his female passenger.

The following week, another video of another cop in the exact same department also surfaced showing Austin police officer Thomas Tuminelli pull a gun on an innocent man after Tuminelli caused a crash while driving dangerously.

The list goes on.

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