March 3, 2021


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“Illegal” Santa Claus Parade brings out police in downtown Toronto

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41 thoughts on ““Illegal” Santa Claus Parade brings out police in downtown Toronto

  1. The problem is a majority of Canadians want the government to control
    almost every aspect of our everyday lives. I'm not sure why 100% but I
    believe it has something to do with the false sense of "protection".
    People in Canada are not educated to think for themselves in school "I
    only just finished HS 5 years ago", I remember the exact opposite. I
    remember being put down for having different opinions by teachers and
    like mind students, and that's because Canada is a socialist country. We
    have been for decades. Look all the way back to the late 50's early mid
    60's till now we have lost tens of rights and freedoms just since then.
    Democracy can be manipulated in Canada very easily look at the illegal
    immigration for example. Did you know that for every immigrant that
    comes and stays in Canada they stay on social financial assistance for a
    minimum of 5 year's. Last I checked it doesn't take 5 year's to learn
    English. It's legit the easiest language to learn and everyone I know
    who came here from a different country says so. It's because our system
    is broken and the rich and evil are exploiting it. That's why as time
    goes on Canada gets worse and worse. First it was the ban of assault
    firearms in the 70's i believe then it was the registration of firearms
    in the 90's i believe now they're taking away "scary" looking firearms.
    Soon we will have nothing left and we will be in the same situation as
    Australia. Have you seen what's going on in Australia right now?. The
    only 2 Charter Of Rights And Freedoms holding them back right now from
    taking all firearms is 1 the right to own property and 2 the right to
    hunt. But people don't know that in The Charter Of Right's And Freedoms
    these right's aren't guaranteed ;). It says in the Charter Of Rights And
    Freedoms that the right's can reasonable be taken away and apparently
    that reason can be anything that makes you feel uncomfortable 😉 Wake
    up. Canada is a socialist country but it's being clothed as a western

  2. Government and the police are not there to tell the people they cant have a Christmas parade they are there to serve the people. Not supporting your own people when in a position of power is a very scary thing. (scared of the virus? Stay home, hide, wear more protection for yourself but don't stop the children from having a Christmas parade)

  3. The Canadian charter in the U S A is considered a joke but it is all we have right now. Time to take all our rights ,the police are thugs, especially Torontos' , they always have been.

  4. A government official that is non essential and an idiot doesn’t need to tell Canadians what is essential. Every Canadian can decide that on their own. I wonder how long it will take before all our elected morons realize that what they are doing isn’t working.

  5. Quarantine is when you restrict the movement of sick people. Tyranny is when you restrict the movement of healthy people!!! 😡 If you’re afraid of a sickness, stay home! Ya know, they used to take people with leprosy and segregate them on a deserted island…..just saying…..

  6. This is great. I love seeing people in control of their own life. The big corporations can just go f-$&%@ themselves. Stay strong canada hold each other up crowd fund for each other whatever it takes to take down the governemnt

  7. I wish people would have gathered and supported our veterans and held a parade for Nov 11. Not recognizing their sacrifice for our freedoms that are freely being given away by so many was appalling and disrespectful. Very shameful. Glad to see people stood firm for Christmas.

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