June 14, 2021


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I'm Leaving Bangkok (+ COVID Test Results)

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26 thoughts on “I'm Leaving Bangkok (+ COVID Test Results)

  1. So if you tested positive then that clinic would be required to inform the Ministry of Health who would then dispatch their health officers to tell you you have 4 hours to pack your bags before being collected (and any family members) and forced into 14 day quarantine at Bangkok Arena Stadium or, if you have the cash, someplace more upmarket.

  2. I've had so many Covid tests to work in the world of make believe. The last few weeks of the show I was working on, it was a daily meeting with the Nasal Qtip. Enjoy your trip! Take the scenic route. 🧘🏻❤️☮️

  3. Hi Chris ! You don’t wear your Auston Matthews Leafs shirt ? Change it for Dave Keon shirt. Hahahaha ! Would you like à Montréal shirt ? Go Habs go, go Habs go ! Last time the Leafs won the Stanley cup you were possibly not born. I feel sorry for the Leafs fans, but I also enjoy it !

  4. He go Phuket, seen him in bar at beach drink beer and police came… No joke… He post a picture of it on Instagram but deleted it later…

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