October 26, 2021


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Impact of Merkel’s political exit

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48 thoughts on “Impact of Merkel’s political exit

  1. As always, great show Caspian Report.

    I don’t see Chancellor Merkels political legacy that positively, Germany has thanks to its strong industry in engineering as well as chemical and pharmaceutical industries enjoyed a great increase in wealth thanks to the exports of those goods.

    Chancellor Schröder made the necessary reforms to stop deindustrialisation and reverse the trend which could be seen in the UK, France and Italy in the same period. At the same time Germany favored industrial development and and export based economy instead of a consume and banking based system.

    Chancellor Merkel therefore had increasing amounts of money to spend on “saving the EU”. Instead of pushing other members to make the necessary reforms she spend money on help funds, which made the debt sustainable in the short term. Unfortunately these measures where of short reach and could never stop the banking crisis in depth or the deindustrialisation. Rather it increased debt amounts and made it easy for populist movements to look for responsibility outside of the country.

    Chancellor Merkel also made an error by not helping Prime Minister David Cameron to get some concessions from the EU in order to win the Brexit Referendum which greatly weakened Germany’s position in the EU (as a liberal, market based entity instead of a system cementing one-way money transfers). Instead she helped Greece breaking nearly every rule of the EU membership for reasons one cannot understand (Greek people still make Germany responsible for literally everything wrong in the country). This was a strategic mistake and also alienated Eastern European nations which enjoy lower lifestyles than Greece despite having to transfer money to Greece. It would have been better for Greece to take it’s own responsibility toward government spending and social security.

    If another crisis where to break out, Germany would not be able to secure the integrity of the European Union. Germany simply lost support of Eastern Europe, the Scandinavian States, the Netherlands and there will be no more Great Britain. France, Italy and Spain would probably collapse and the economical weight of those nations is far beyond Germany’s reach. Also a hard hitting recession will fuel a nationalist attitude in Germany. The only thing is that Germany would emerge stronger relative to the others (since there are already plans for the fall of the EU, Germany has relatively low debt and is very credit worthy and could stabilize a post Euro Deutsche Mark). Ultimately though this would lead to a heavy loss of wealth in Europe and the world and would severely weaken what we call western democracies and the market based capitalist system. Future reforms will be necessary if this shall not happen, the risks are great in the EU and are also a legacy of the period Merkel was Chancellor.

    Greetings from Germany ??

  2. As a German I would wish we had term limits like the US. Just let Helmut Kohl she is on power far too long. We need first new ideas and a younger parliament in general. The future should not be created by people who don't have to live in it.

  3. To the rest of the world, she is the face and the most powerful figure of Europe (Sorry Britain) and always thought she did a good job making Germany the strongest nation in the region. It would be sad if the legacy she leaves behind is actually so negative in German's view. And hearing that her era is coming to an end makes me feel old…

  4. A KGB agent combined with a CIA one, could not have better undermine Germany's prosperity. Kudos Germans for shooting yourself in both feet and arms. Fucked up your energy supply (Putin is laughing), fucked up your government spending on unproductive people (immigrants, UNO is laughing). Fucked up European banks with Greece bailout (Greeks and US are laughing).

  5. Germany has to be more conservative if they want to hold the EU together. Also, they need to pay the 2% for military expanses, as required for a NATO member. Russia is howling in the east and the EU countries from Eastern Europe have infinitely more support from the US than from it's own rich member states. Quite disgraceful.

  6. I'm from Germany and this video was more objective and neutral that what 95% of german media produces. Good job!

    I disagree on one thing, though. The worst outcome of the next election would not bea coalition with the AfD. Instead I fear that the green party might emerge as the strongest force which woulf enable them to form a green government. Their policies of eco-socialism would speed up Germany's deindustrialization.

  7. Upwards of at least a million plus, representatives of the "religion of peace, tolerance and enlightenment", economic migrants from corrupt, theocratic, utterly alien third world societies… Have chosen to set up camp in Germany specifically, and countless other, "infidel" western countries, including here in Australia… That's sure gonna end well, what could possibly go wrong !…

  8. Long term, can the interests of the US and the EU diverge? Will Putin be in power for 20 years? I see a fragmented US being less of a Bully and more of a nuisance as the EU sidesteps the embarrassing shows and focuses fully on her internal expansions eastward and strengthening institutions of financial control and legal and political clarity. The empowerment of Poland will help with western areas of the Ukraine. The Political viability of Romania will help to give people in the immediate region to also seek the same.

    And the coast Black Sea states with their primary cities along the coast (Odessa, Varna, Burgas) will need to be seen as economic opportunity to help these countries economies return to a more uniform prosperity, of which for now the majority of the Peoples of countries like the Ukraine and Bulgaria still rank low in opportunities to improve with such high degree of unemployment and stagnant wages.

  9. Perhaps the Post Merkle Germany will find the new Chancellor from a party that has closer ties to Macron? While Macron is experiencing his own Yellow Vest troubles, he will adapt if he wants reelection. Why Macron? Well perhaps more for a stronger Paris/Berlin linkage to combine forces to sway the EU in new directions? With respect to the Alt Right forces, these will diminish if more control in exerted over immigration.

    Look to the West to obtain more homogenous and desired immigration to bolster the aging EU population. West could include strangely both England and America if these countries continue to spiral into pseudo-authoritarian xenophobia. Disenfranchised groups that once belonged to the North East and North West coast, may find that it is time to cash out of these places especially in America, and move to a less radical political EU. I see people in the left lean thinking of places like Estonia, and Poland as possible alternative places to settle and live freely in a supportive and positive political and cultural environment.

  10. 3 Chancellors in half a century… Germans can't sit still.

    In my country we still have the same leader since independence.

    Now that's stability.

  11. I think Merkel's policy is awesome, at least in the long term. However, while the ideas are positive, the implementation of actions such as the integration of immigrants leaves to be desired.

  12. Fun Fact : Merkel's maiden name is Kasner, Germanized from the Polish Kazmierczak, which means DESTROYER OF PEACE. I guess she's just living upto her name.


  14. good riddance to Merkel – she must go — sooner rather than later — Germany has to curtail the subsidization payments to some of the economically delinquent members of the European Union i.e. Greece, Italy Spain, Portugal etc. the AfD would be the best governing option for Germany in the long run

  15. The woman is a poppet; imagine this: a bunch of supposedly intelligent people talking and commenting on the actions of an empty rag with a hand in it.

  16. What do you mean when you say the government in Moscow is collapsing under its own weight? Is this regarding the falling population and if so, what are the large scale effects of this?

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