October 23, 2021


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INCOMPETENT United Nations Elect Iran To Women's Rights Commission

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46 thoughts on “INCOMPETENT United Nations Elect Iran To Women's Rights Commission

  1. Iran rah,rah,rah all out for womens' rights. You really couldn't make it up. They'll be bashing themselves over their noggins again tomorrow. Laugh. Hope you are feeling MUCH better Mahyar.

  2. They elected Iran because they have either been threatened by the woke or paid off by the woke. And by the woke I mean the billionaire gang of globalists who are funding such evils as BLM, Extinction rebellion and the EU.

  3. How can the UN support countries that still live in the dark age, where women are not worth anything, the mind boggles. You've got the Chinese CCP, which are closed shop communists, Iran who are so up their own importance, and have no interest in letting women be free, if this is your idea of a job, it's a pretty poor one, "Woman's rights" Ha! Ha! don't make me laugh.

  4. So, 2 days ago, the UK voted for Iran to be elected to the UN Women's Rights Commission, but just today, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe has been sentenced to a further year in Iran prison?

  5. Well the host of the show should know. About this subject a lot more than most of us so I suggest we dam well listen to him.
    Somehow I think he should know what's going on out there.
    All I know about that place is the crap I saw on the BBC.
    He's lived there got family there.
    And going to know a dam sight more than quite a lot of us about this subject.

  6. Aus UK Trade Deal

    Mr Tehan declined to nominate the deal's potential financial value, but the British government's own analysis has forecast it may result in an increase in GDP for the UK of as little as 0.02 per cent.

    It's expected the upside for Australia would be considerably greater, with Australian beef and lamb producers hoping for significantly increased access to the UK market.

    But British farmers have been lobbying Westminster to demand all Australian meat imports meet the high environmental and animal welfare standards imposed on local products.

  7. The UK has a very right winged government. This is the same right winged government that voted for Iran to be allowed onto the UN committee but yet you blame the left?

    Are you a complete idiot?

  8. cuz they want sharia everywhere……this trash is everywhere…. in every corner…..
    and they keep coming more and more to vote civilised society out to give space for this trashreligion
    their future voters keep coming and coming

    but England sill sleeping , sadly it will be too late when it wakes up

  9. Careful, Mahyar – at about 2.40 you said that the list of countries that you had read out 'all voted for Iran'. Not true, read the text. It says that 'at least four' of those countries voted for Iran – not that they all did. It would be good to know which four, and which others, but don't tar them all with that brush until you find out.

  10. Is it that these countries including UK who voted for this are living in some sort of fantasy that Iran will suddenly completely change to democracy, and all will be well. Whatever is the reasoning behind this decision.

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