October 23, 2021


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Inflation Is Here – The COLLAPSE Is Just BEGINNING!

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50 thoughts on “Inflation Is Here – The COLLAPSE Is Just BEGINNING!

  1. Well the El Salvador move has changed my mind on Bitcoin a little. My worry about it is that it's still part of internet of things. Could we see the whole of internet come under attack by more similar moves as IMF would realize that it's undermining their control over the public.

  2. Been in crypto for 5 years now. Bitcoin is not going away and I believe they are suppressing the price and loading up…in fact I l know they are.
    Do yourself a favor and buy some…seriously. Buy a tenth and hold forever.

  3. Let me tell you, our city of New York is so awful…yes another rat spoiled my meal in Union Square Park…it is so bad that it is a "normal" occurrence. I teach science in the City, we need to mobilize the population here to solve this problem, the government is not handling the basic quality of life issues.

  4. In terms of Jesuit “Doctor” Fauci, he has proven that he has no credibility. Fauci promised a “vaccine” for HIV decades ago but delivered expensive pills from Big Pharma for profits. Fauci is a lifelong failure and agent for the criminal Big Pharma organization. He is a multi-millionaire and has never cured anything. The best-selling book, “Fauci: The Bernie Madoff of Science”, the author proves that Fauci is guilty of Nosologically fraud, Epidemiological fraud, Virological fraud, Treatment Fraud, public health policy fraud, concealment of negative scientific data, censoring the truth, Chronic obscurantism, vigilantism, and submitting untruths to the scientific press. Fauci is paid more that the US President and have never cured anything. He is a lifelong failure with his only accomplishment being providing profits for Big Pharma, profits for the CDC which holds patents on vaccines. The American people never voted to hire Fauci or allow the CDC to hold patents on vaccines. “The CDC is a subsidiary of the pharmaceutical industry. The agency owns more than 20 vaccine patents and purchases and sells $4.1 billion in vaccines annually.” – RFK, Jr. The vaccine business is currently a $30 billion per year industry in which organizations like the World Health Organization have urged increased investment, projecting that it will become a $100 billion per year industry by 2025. Thus, it is evident that the CDC and their business partners need the public to not only be okay with the 69 doses of recommended childhood vaccines, but to begin to adhere to the additional 100 plus doses of vaccines recommended by the new adult schedule, and to be ready to inject their families with the additional 271 vaccines in the development pipeline.
    Please join the lawsuit !!!
    please sign up to save our nation from censorship !! Please share with your friends and neighbors!!
    Take back our nation !!!! thanks
    DOCTOR FAUCI FOUND GUILTY – NEW Best Seller – BOOK – PLEASE READ and share!!! THE REAL ANTHONY FAUCI !!! new book available now ! ISBN-10: 1510766804
    According to Natural News, Kennedy explained that during the course of his 50+ tenure working in public health, Fauci has operated as a tyrant, ruining the CAREERS OF MANY. Fauci, who has been with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since 1984, is known in the inner circles of the federal government as a man who “poisoned an entire generation of Americans. Kennedy explained of at least one instance in which the career public health official targeted a whistle blower who was trying to draw attention to the fact that America’s blood supply is tainted with strains of deadly diseases.
    . Pensacola Law firm Levin states that the big pharma BOD are also on the BOD of major media !! This is criminal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giVY-Qnqd5Q

  5. Do not let the President that sent Fauci to CCP with hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars, Barack Insane Obama!! He is involved in all this mess to destroy America as well as Hillary Clinton. With their 16 year plan to destroy Amrica. *years of obama to weaken us, 8yrs for Hillary to destroy us. Trump got in the way, Thank God he did.

  6. it's hard not to see the implementation of the great reset. i think they are ramping up the spending on purpose, yes they want that inflation and i think they need the world to be in much more distress for it to beg for the reset. The virus situation stabilizing, the fear is dropping too so they need something else…as for crypto currencies it's supposed to be the 4th industrial revolution currency , so i think it's a show or they didnt find how to control it yet … interesting times to say the least. Never seen this kind of moves from the elites before , not in broad daylight . either they lost one of their strategist lol or are going mad. why are they not concern ? whay are they so … Brash ? it's true the people are not really reacting much anymore these days.

  7. He's 80. He 'forgot' about the positive treatment of SARs – Bird Flu with Hydroxychloroquine. He forgot that is wife is on the US Gov ethics committee and forgot that an intermediary from the USA funded research on viruses in the Wuhan lab…

  8. From old catholic prophecies and other, near future seems to look like this:

    1. great degeneracy in culture, general weakening of the faith, confusion, ideological chaos in the West (willing and/or unwilling) even in the very top of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church,

    2. globalists and banksters funding chaos, political unrest, civil wars all around the world (especially USA and western Europe), the Third World War (Islam in Europe, in Middle East and in Russia, China in middle Asia, probably in Africa and the Pacific, USA fighting chinese land invasion on the West Coast, certainly the Pacific, maybe landing in Europe for the third time, Russia being betrayed by China and losing most or all of Siberia, because China wants a massive asian land empire with siberian natural resources – beyond this general turmoil and some local wars – common war crimes, genocides, use of biological and/or chemical weapons, probable use of unknown superweapons (supposed weather-weapon HAARP, orbital, microwave, sonic, antigravity weapons and alike), almost certain use of nuclear weapons, especially in Spain, Sicily, Greece, Turkey) – about the end of the War will happen the Three Days of Darkness (probably blast of solar storm destroying all of electricity, sunlight fully blocked for 3 days, paranormal demonic terror on whole Earth) and worldwide Illumination of Conscience – all of this resulting in hundreds of millions or even few billions dead, collapse of world economy, frequent massive natural disasters, downfall of tyrannical dictatorships, communisms, democracies and republics,

    3. final end of the freemasonic sects, illuminati, occult secret societies, destruction of their centuries-long conspiracy to enslave all humanity, massive conversions to purified Christianity counted in nations, return of christian, catholic monarchies – with its kings, its emperor and its "angelic pope" renewed true Church of Christ reigns supreme under the Sun – Novus Ordo Seculorum has been defeated.

    And concerning the Antichrist:
    there are few eschatological characteristics, that theologians hold the Antichrist will posses:
    great influence, jewish ethnic descend, male, will cause a historical peace deal (probably in the Middle East, important for the state of Israel), heavly demonically possesed from early childhood, paranormal abilities (flying, pyrokinesis, advanced healing for fake resurrection) and very charismatic.
    Last year or few years ago rabbis of orthodox jews declared that their "messiah" has already been born or made first public appearance, but still hasn't officially revealed himself.
    I honestly personally suspect Jared Kushner or his brother.

    Things are getting real.
    Events of the Book of Revelation, the Apocalypse, will SOON take place.
    So the 21st century may be the last one…

  9. we'll never know how many this pandemic and its response killed. im sure its already more than ww2. our descendants will look down on us for what we allowed to happen. its shameful

  10. Luke.. About Crypto. there is going to be greate currency shift. and BTC isnt part of it. They will regulate market and left only their coins. They need one catalyst event and taht will be global cyberattack

  11. I don't believe Cryptocurrencies gives you freedom from anything.
    If someday they decide to block someone from using cryptocurrencies they just have to push a button and its over.

  12. We're here for the gift of creations by ourselves and we are going to get it done. The perfection in evolution is the greatest part of our responsibility, to enrich the universe that knows through the loving it is perfected, all else is illusion. Job? We have power and "jobs". Turn it around.

  13. This is bigger than Fauci. How did he get so many people to agree with this narrative??? It's the fact that they have been creating diseases in labs for decades and unleashing it on the people. Where do you think AIDS and Ebola came from??? We should all attacked the science and call for an end to these labs. Trust God with your bodies not evil scientist that believe in Eugenics and the evil government.

  14. I lived with my father in San Salvador when he worked for the State Dept under the Pres Reagan Admin. He was a Human Rights officer at the time. I was barely allowed to leave the house. It was horrible….BUT now I would move back there in a heartbeat to get the hell out of NY.

  15. These guys kill me with their claims of "science"backed data when their "science" does not sync up to the science I learned in school 30+ years ago. It must be that NEW science, like NEW math the schools were peddling years ago when basic math was based on estimations and not exact math.

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