March 3, 2021


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Instagram‘s New Terms of Service – Not Sketchy at All!

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45 thoughts on “Instagram‘s New Terms of Service – Not Sketchy at All!

  1. This whole past year of being shut down is making corporate america look like they are saving the planet by everyone depending on them. Look how everyone is just accepting we will wear a mask forever now days. Its complete bullshit where we are at in america right now. Shit is gonna go down soon of shit doesnt change.

  2. You are gold man. Might be asking too much… but at this rate, would appreciate transcripts to be quickly and easily shared with folks to spread information without immediately getting shutdown with non-logic. Pointing lots of folks to your videos but sometimes they will just want a line or two, and a transcript could enable rapid communication of reality again non-logic.

  3. As a Catholic priest, I myself don't trust most bishops and there are many horrible liberal and homosexual priests but I don't think we should paint all priests as homosexual predators.

  4. Wow, I went on my IG today and received a survey asking me about a beauty box subscription. I never talked about or promoted it on IG, or clicked on a link through IG. I thought it was strange. Now I know why. Scary!!

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