July 26, 2021


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Intense Power Yoga Workout with Julia Marie! Challenge Your Abs & Glutes, Weight Loss, Fitness

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In this video, Julia combines Fitness & Power Yoga to help you burn fat FAST & strengthen your entire core- front, back and obliques!
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Featuring, Julia Marie, Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer & Health Coach

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24 thoughts on “Intense Power Yoga Workout with Julia Marie! Challenge Your Abs & Glutes, Weight Loss, Fitness

  1. Love these yoga work outside! I'm in my 50s and have committed to doing flows every morning. I so look forward to it! Julia Marie and Sanela are my Girls!❤So motivating!💪

  2. 💜
    I really like you as a teacher and love your vibe.
    Been with you since quarantine (nearly 7 months already) , haven’t stopped and I won’t.

  3. I cant imagine it's easy to talk the entire time you're doing this. Respect. Ive been trying yoga with your videos for 3 months now and it's given me the most dramatic results of any fitness routine I've ever incorporated.

  4. Hi. Is it okay to do this excercises if I have very tensed lower back muscles and weak shoulders? (my shoulders get tensed too, been told by the fisio to do yoga heal my body and gain strength, but before I started to feel tension I used to exercise and be strong, so I doubt it’s all a matter of lack of strength, and now it feels that whatever I do it tenses me, and I do keep the good positions (straight back, shoulders far from ears, etc) )
    So thanks for your reply in advance

  5. I am having trouble finding something that I will stick with. But this really intrigues me. I am inflexible everywhere and have scoliosis. Maybe if I can work on my back enough to start to feel good, I just might go from there and get more fit. Doing this slowly, holding each position for 2 minutes in sets of 3 before doing them fluently with you is how I will start.

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