May 13, 2021


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  1. I find it highly amusing how you are making conclusions about racism, even though the probability that you've experienced that type of daily racism (the kind that people of color experience in the US) is very low… But please tell me more.

  2. Censorship is just part of the game. I've been yeeted from all social media now except here. Twitter got me for copy pasting Urban Dictionary's entry on Karens, claiming 'it appears this account was created solely to threaten or harass a protected category or class of people' (the account was 12 years old, 85,000 followers and 35,000 tweets at peak). I'd previously been suspended for the letters 'diaf' (a 'threat' apparently) and for 'threats and harassment' against Leon Trotsky. Yes. You read that correctly. They need to silence us because the election is upon them and they're scared.

  3. Black lives matter was and is not put in place to stand up for the lives of the Black, it is rather a movement of corruption, an intimidation, and an occult heresy. Keep up with the hard work Naomi, your voice is hope to our ears!

  4. Naomi!
    Just for you, I came up with this, but you can use it:
    In Venn Diagram math, the INTERSECTION is the SMALL region between the overlapping area of circles.
    On the other hand, the UNION is the ENTIRE area of both circles.

    So, they have been WRONG (Greta emphasis) all along!

    It should have never been called INTERSECTIONALISM, but rather UNIONALISM.

    They couldn't even get the basic concept right.

    Run with it and shout it out on rooftops, It's all yours.

  5. I am horrified. I completely disagree. Seeing a young, german girl who is very smart and informed twist things so bad in a very convincing way is dangerous. Black lives do indeed matter. White lives are not at risk. Thans people do exist and its so important for them to be able to live the way they truly identify as. Corona is indeed a real threat that can and does cost so many lives and we cannot go on not caring about the other. I genuinely believe it is our human duty to be just – care and help as much as possible since our innate essence is connection. I dont know what more to say other than I disagree with everything and really hope people who read this comment will be open to think differently.

  6. Eres una nina muy inteligente, gracias a Dios aun hay esperanza que niños como tu preparados e independientes no sean corrompidos por esa lacra de izquierdas con ideologías absurdas de caos desorden y odio.

  7. Naomi the world has never been perfect. In Europe at some point your ancestors have slaves. Like my ancestor in south America, our culture was wipe out by the Spanish. But we got our independence. And iI came to USA because there is no other country on earth with more values and freedoms, try China and the deference is obvious or even Germany. There is some racism but that should not be an obstacle to pursue your dreams here in America. Therefore you are doing what the cancell culture wants you to do. We are not talking about the small issues you apologized for, some times we are talking about life and death issues. Don’t be confused. Some minorities just want rights and no responsibilities. Best wishes.

  8. Naomi "ich höre mich am liebsten selbst reden" Seibt.
    Hast du in deinem näheren Umfeld auch nur eine einzige schwarze Person, die dir aus ihrem Leben berichten kann, wie sie persönlich schon einmal unterdrückt, angefeindet oder bedroht worden ist? Ich glaube kaum.
    Ich frage mich wie du es dich wagen kannst mit einer solch anmaßenden Arroganz als weiße, priviligierte, junge, deutsche Frau den schwarzen Menschen abzusprechen, dass sie unterdrückt werden?
    Wenn du einen lächerlich kraftlosen Fakt nennst, der für deine irren Thesen spricht, kommen darauf hunderte, die das Gegenteil beweisen, wenn man sich vielleicht mal nicht nur zur rechten Ecke hin informieren würde.
    Woher kommt denn die Kriminalität unter Afroamerikanern? Warum werden denn so viele so früh kriminell? Eben nicht aus Spaß an der Freude, sondern durch Armhut, Unterdrückung und Vorurteile.
    Eine gute Rhetorikerin bist du, du weißt mit Worten umzugehen und einen schlechten englischen Akzent aufzusetzen, der dich schlauer wirken lässt. Und ich würde behaupten du bist an sich intelligent und informierst dich zu deinem Vorteil, wenn du für eine Sache stehst. Aber du solltest wissen, dass es dazu gehört alle Seiten eines Themas zu beleuchten, um glaubwürdige und fundierte Aussagen teffen zu können – Rosinen picken bei wissenschaftlichen Fakten funktioniert nicht.
    Nutz deine Intelligenz und hör bitte auf "kontroversen" Müll ins Netz zu stellen, um der Kontroversität und des Zuspruchs von uninformierten Mitläufern willen.

  9. As a white privilege cis German-italien I say that racism is a problem and a fascist political party like the one your in never stops this. I never experienced racism as the one who gots discriminate. BUT I can stand for my Girlfriend because the hate you give little infants fcks Everybody. Maybe see the problem of others or I see @anti.terror as right with him calling you nazi-bîtch

  10. All Lives Matter is a preferable saying while it can be considered spiteful and some may very well be saying it with that intention, but others may genuinely be saying it with the plainly obvious meaning and intent. In the case of Black Lives Matter one has to distinguish between the movement of genuinely not being treated fairly and equally to others in the society. There is also the organized group that use those feeling to cover for a political movement similar to Antifa, so your comments from my view were a little to generalized and definitive.

  11. 01:27 white privileged german girl who has no idea what it’s like being black (in america) thinks she knows better… kinda embarrassing ngl

  12. "Each new generation born is, in effect, an invasion of civilization by little barbarians, who must be civilized before it is too late." Thomas Sowell. BLM, SJW's and climate crazies gain a lot of support from young people who are in love with how they are going to change the world and make it a better place. They are ignorant of history, logic, science that would inform them that their ideas are not new, fallacious or tools used by others to manipulate them. Good to see this young lady trying to advance the civilization of the barbarians.

  13. One sigh in the crowd stated that they could not breath. I believe they are referring to CO2. Well the current level is 400 PPM.

    Data collected on nine nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines indicate an average CO2 concentration of 3,500 ppm with a range of 0-10,600 ppm, and data collected on 10 nuclear-powered attack submarines indicate an average CO2 concentration of 4,100 ppm with a range of 300-11,300 ppm.
    Studies show no concern at the values of 600-2500 ppm of this medical study from LBNL. I figure if the Navy thinks it is safe for men who have their finger on the nuclear weapons keys, then that is good enough for me.

    *Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

  14. Naomi – you need to verify your twitter account. Verified accounts have a blue tick next to them, so that people know for sure it really is you.

  15. I’ve just listened to Seibt’s conversation with Alex Epstein. Extraordinary maturity for a 19 yo. And what a thoughtful, intelligent alternative to a certain notorious teenager of recent note.

  16. I totally agree. people need to DO more research and to be better informed.

    The problem with the LEFT wing REGRESSIVE ideological’s, is that they don't think and that they don't do their research.

    Congrats young Naomi Seibt for talking common sense. also, congrats for appearing on my favourite Australian TV show, "Outsiders" on SKY news Australia. keep up the good work.

    PS I worked in the so-called climate research game back in the 1990's. I hope to talk about that later 🙂 cheers

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