May 8, 2021


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INVASION: Antifa occupies Red Deer, Alberta for “anti-racism” rally

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42 thoughts on “INVASION: Antifa occupies Red Deer, Alberta for “anti-racism” rally

  1. I swear some of us Canadians want things to be as theatric as the Americans at times.
    This isn't like the USA, there was HARDLY an Antifa presence there.
    And of course you are saying "radical SJWs" LOL ps: this is coming from someone who is not a fan of Antifa nor the vigilante response groups to them

  2. They are on a desperate quest to feel important and maybe break some stuff or hit someone with their sign/golf club. They all know the words are simply justification.

  3. I have a story for you from calgary about a restaurant downtown who kicks out anyone they see from rallies who go there and call them nazis …got waitress on tape saying here at the palomino socail club we dont like nazis ….me and my wife were floored…

  4. For a 'peaceful protest' this seemed really antagonistic and mean. Not sure they are going to convince anyone that anyone's lives matter when they are making complete asses of themselves. I live in Red Deer and, for the most part, it's a pretty quiet and accepting place. Pretty sure most of these protestors came from Calgary and Edmonton.

  5. Racism isn’t just about blacks! The NEWS which call yourself, true news is supposed be unbiased. Ask any journalism student, outside looking in without an opinion. You are not news you are exactly what you are calling them. Biased self gratifying exploitive millennial. Grow up you’re not that interesting.

  6. As a person of color I never experienced racism in red deer. But they have a right to protest. It's best to neglect them and let them exercise their freedom.
    As I have seen from certain comments here they are not mentally ill or anything. You have to regard them as humans. Your attitude towards them will make you the bad person. Forget the hate and start loving each other. Please do not incite division among us like it's happening in USA. We are Canadians.

  7. The Police should be given orders to dismantle and arrest those so called protesters aka terrorist Antifa& BurnLootMurder! Why is it that we accommodate a minority of mentally unstable individuals that should be locked up in rubber cells?

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