April 22, 2021


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Invitation from Freddie Sayers to join UnHerd

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We’re delighted to share with you details of our new membership offering – here’s your chance to join at a 25% early bird discount if you sign up before March …


39 thoughts on “Invitation from Freddie Sayers to join UnHerd

  1. The way you have supported the anti lockdown movement has been outstanding. The new variants that have come about as a result of allowing the free spread are much improved in terms of transmission and lethal effect. We can only hope that the next wave of mutations will have a broader age spectrum, as was the case with the ‘Spanish’ flu. Well done!

  2. Mainstream journalism has been bought & paid for by agenda driven billionaires and their big pharma associates. Gimme some truth for a change.

  3. You have done great. The mainstream media has reached absolute bottom during this thing. And this is coming from a guy working in mainstream media. But now you should up the ante. It is time to attack the mainstream media and the "scientists" that are backing this massacre of democracy and human rights. The facts are on your side. Do not submit. Stop being so polite. They arent. Cheers.

  4. Thank you to Freddie and the team for a great year of great journalism. I really appreciate your approach and the perspective that you are able to provide. I've just joined up!

  5. Your brand of insightful and thought provoking interviews is a breath of fresh air in today's current climate where opinion is sold as news. Keep up the excellent work!

  6. I signed up for UnHerd months ago from Germany. Journalists here work as freelancers and have no financial/social support of the government during the pandemic for a reason. All what is left now is state TV, state science and publishers backed up by US-SEO opinion of search engines and their marketing clients. But what about content generated elsewhere in the world, beyond keywords and AI? I am thankful for every website offering more than one side or one evaluation on a matter in 2021.
    Every serious journalist should follow.

  7. Your interview skills are honestly superior! You ask the right questions….I cannot discern your personal stance which is how it should be. So appreciate your program!

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