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Is Bill Gates the Best Person to Run the Covid-19 Vaccination Program? | Principia Scientific Intl.

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Written by Dr Andre Alexander, Queen’s Counsel (hon.) Nominee

Bill Gates in a Financial Times Interview 2020: “Normalcy will not return until we have the entire global population vaccinated.”

Covid-19 vaccines are powered by a digital tracker and recombinant DNA which are ‘new life forms’ inserted into our bodies via the vaccines.

These new life forms, activated by nano-technology, animal and human (normally cellular material of aborted fetuses), are mRNA compounds which are self-replicating.

These mRNA compounds program our DNA to change us into something else which may well be non-human. Their nano element enables them to be tracked and programmed remotely in respect to a variety of functions.

These new life forms in the vaccines are patented which means that each vaccinee will have in them a patented substance which belongs ultimately to the patent holder which can be upgraded and remotely programmed by the owner. Therefore, depending on the progress of the mRNA compounds, human beings will be owned by the patent owners in due course and will be able to be freely traded in financial markets as intellectual property.

Enter Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft

Microsoft as either the largest, or one of the largest software companies in the world, may well be eminently qualified and suitable to manage the Covid-19 vaccination program as its roll-out could be modeled very efficiently on its software systems, especially its Windows system for PCs.

Humans as Digital Currency Courtesy of Microsoft

Bill’s plan, on behalf of his masters, seems to be to utilise the current staged pandemic to arrange for humans to become digital currency through the mRNA technology achieved by his funded Covid-19 vaccines. This technology enables our bodily functions to be changed and tracked remotely.

When we become digital currency, the controllers of the currency, by tracking us, will be able to credit money to us directly based on the services we perform for them. The money credited will remain as digital elements in our bodies which can be scanned/ accessed remotely via readers at say, supermarkets and other establishments as our payment system.

The Birth of Human Digital Currency

In June last year, Microsoft filed for a World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) patent described WO2020060606 – CRYPTOCURRENCY SYSTEM USING BODY ACTIVITY DATA which was published (granted) in March 2020. I trust readers will appreciate the numerology of the patent – 666.

The patent provides for human body activity associated with a task provided to a human implanted with tracking technology (though a Covid-19, vaccination, or Covid-19 PCR test), to be used as a mining process for a cryptocurrency system.

Accordingly, the task owner, via a server, would provide a task to an electronic/ wireless reader which will sense compliant behaviour on the part of the human according to the human’s body activity. When the behaviour is verified to be compliant by the server, the cryptocurrency owner would award to the human the appropriate amount of the cryptocurrency.

The tasks set could be, for example Covid-19 compliances to include: testing, vaccination, social distancing, grouping, social media activity, non-participation in protest and a wide range of other behaviours approved by the cryptocurrency owner.


Covid-19 H.01 = Windows 8


1) access to money via embedded cryptocurrency awarded at the discretion of the currency owner based on compliance to tasks set;

2) yearly licence fee (initially paid by the state (eg., cost of vaccination);

3) free remote health systems tracking apps – the vaccination will enable you to purchase apps (initially they would be free) to enable your vitals to be tracked via an NHS server and to be accessible to medical staff and other personnel (eg., schools, police, or anyone who may need to scan you for Covid-19 infection);

4) Covid-19 anti-virus protection – you could get free Covid-19 “virus” protection for 1 year (after that, you will need to upgrade at a cost);

5) Free digital tracker/ Covid-19 passport to enable the vaccinees to be scanned at airports, football matches, work premises, public places, etc.;

6) Covid-19 Messenger – to enable you to easily communicate with agencies monitoring Covid-19 for say, track and trace;

7) Data encryption – this feature, protected by the patent-holder, could enable all your personal details held on remote servers to be encrypted.

8) Factory reset – using this simple device you could be able to reset your DNA to “factory settings” whereby another mRNA will be activated to clean up the mess the first mRNA made with the object of getting you back to where you were just when the vaccine was injected into you.

Covid-21/ Windows 10

1) Yearly licence fee (this could be the upgrade for Covid-19 H.01 as by 2021, the “virus” will have mutated and your Covid-19 vaccine will need to be updated);

2) The Covid-21 upgrade could be optional, but as the Covid-19 version won’t get you as many freedoms (access to certain public places, healthcare facilities, work premises, etc., you will be encouraged to get it at a cost;

3) The upgrade will factor in modernised anti-virus protection (to include protection for other “viruses” such as ebola, black death, heeby jeebies, etc.) and may even include a VPN so that you can’t be hacked into by the Russians, Chinese, or aliens from another planet;

4) You could be given the option to buy a wider range of digital currencies for insertion into you human digital wallet as well as more payment options. So a permanent goodbye to credit/ debit card and welcome to the new digital currency and scannable you;

5) The upgrade and cryptocurrency awards could be linked to your social scores (how good a citizen you are); whether you are on any “no-fly” lists, etc..

6) The upgrade could also include an embedded version of Outlook (for easy emailing of your personal data) and you entire financial/ tax history;

7) With (or in some cases without) your permission, your doctor could be able to re-program the mRNA to delete, suppress, remove parts of your DNA which are thought to be troublesome, etc.

Welcome to your future!

It that is the future you don’t want, doing nothing to stop it now, will ensure it happens.


About the author: Andre Alexander PhD: is an international lawyer with specialism in COVID19 litigation and medical law, financial services law, informational technology law, human rights, criminal law. He is a Queen’s Counsel (hon.) Nominee Barrister (Brussels), Chartered Journalist, Associate Member, Royal Society of Medicine

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