April 20, 2021


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Is Democracy Dangerous? | The School of Lady Leshurr

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44 thoughts on “Is Democracy Dangerous? | The School of Lady Leshurr

  1. Democracy still is the best system around although we seem to repeatedly prove how deeply flawed it is. Winston Churchill’s quote always comes to mind, “The best argument against Democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

  2. At least democracy didn’t kill 50 millions people and shooting people who protesting without violence and ban cute cartoon characters because it look too much like dictator leader.

  3. But in Power… My First Act as your President… All Drugs is Legal… You are respondsable for your own Life.. Major Prison ReForm.. And Life would be No-Longer than 12-15 years.. Shorter Time and manditor School Classes.

  4. I think its a really good idea to remove democracy cos I love elites subverting the system for themselves and history is littered with amazing leaders that weren't democratically elected e.g. Stalin, Mao, Napoleon and even Hitler only got 30% of the vote and was put in power by an elite and so what if they killed a few people it was better than the stupid plebs having their say.

    Frankly it is embarrassing that a liberal elite are trying to push this agenda, democracy tends to lead to more moderate policies and fairer societies and unelected elites don't get all their own way without having to think of the general populace.

    What is needed is not less democracy it is direct democracy like the swiss have as that creates a richer and more egalitarian society and people genuinely get more say in their lives issue by issue.

  5. Brilliant video!! To make Democray work better it needs major reforms:
    1) Better Control of Election Campaigns (public funding, templates to provide people with policies they can compare with others, etc0
    2) Better selection and monitoring of politicians – Use HR methods to develop basic competencies / values required by politicians, training, support, and supervision to meet these competencies. Better assessment for pre-selection based on competencies and an independent panel (its what we do for volunteer foster cares so why not politicians?)
    3) Citizenship development of the general public. Promotion/development of a more engaged, educated, and informed general public along with better emotional and social intelligence (particularly compassion, listening and empathy skills)
    4) A better understanding of what a wellbeing economy means vs one based on GDP alone
    5) A robust Integrity-Transparency-Fact-checking system (eg Anti-corruption) to reduce the influence of big business, lobby groups, conflicts of interests etc) "Truth" legislation…
    6) Incorporation of citizens advice juries into Parliament & legislative decision making to reflect a more informed, deliberated voice of the people
    7) The development of collaborative vs oppositional politics to enable deliberation of a range of views rather than the use of opposition (I'm right and you're wrong) politics..
    8) Democracy as more than elections but rather inclusive of people helping people – engagement in local and broader issues…
    The above should help create more of the best of what we imagine a system for the people and by the people to be in practice …

  6. It’s funny how rabbit alt right types will constantly accuse communism of being “the lowest common denominator”. Couldn’t you make the same argument for any form of mass voting?

  7. In the US many think that Trump had the largest budget and loudest voice. But if you look at how much the Democrats spent in 2016 compared to Trump. Plus consider how loud the voice of the media was and has been for the democrats. Then you will see that the smaller budget and a smaller voice comparatively speaking won. One must consider the electoral college used in the US when thinking about democracy. The US has arguably been the most successful democracy in history. I think the electoral college is what has made the difference. Because it diffuses the authority not only by the people but by location also. Population concentration must be considered and dealt with in an equitable way. The electoral college is really cool and needs to be explained and thought around the world. Imagine planet-wide elections with each region having an equitable representation.

  8. Absolutely right.bcz i come from a democratic country and i have witnessed the pros and cons of it.but only if the nation or the community is united by thought and conceptual perception of the person and the party democracy can win or else its the scenario of anybody who dont even know what he/she can do with power and the worser part is when republican is clubbed with demos.the dismal is that when the knowledgeable vote to the right and the other majority vote to the opposite

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