March 5, 2021


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Is HEX About to EXPLODE? (Already Up 238x)

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32 thoughts on “Is HEX About to EXPLODE? (Already Up 238x)

  1. Im new to crypto, I hope this isn't a dumb question. But, where can i buy hex? And, where can i store it? don't see it on coinbase, and I cant find it to save it on my Exodus. Please help. Thanks

  2. HEX was designed to go up in price. Just like a business is designed to go up and produce value. Satoshi gave the world fire. @richardheartwin gave that fire rocket fuel.

  3. interesting project but RH is a cocky egomaniac who regularly calls people "f*gg*ts" and retards if they ask questions he thinks are stupid. super unprofessional fratboy mentality that makes me think it will hinder the project ala Justin Sun controlling Tron. If he toned it down a bit I think it would be so much better for the project in the long run

  4. I felt like Bitboy was biting his tongue a lot of this video. Rather funny and informative though. Only disappointed to hear Bitboy say he sold all his UNI at the top when he said in another video that he held almost all his UNI because he belives in the project so much. Just a little confused about that. I'm not hating on Bitboy , I really do think he is one of the hardest working channels in crypto and he says he is for the people but idk about that part so much…..Clearly lied about UNI and deleted videos about coins that were scams like MYX and PAMP. Just doesn't feel transparent 24/7.

  5. He really look and acts like a douche.
    And the website looks like a schnurkelfloop.

    But heyyyy maybe he is a great guy with a wonderful personality:) I do not know the guy

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