October 17, 2021


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Is Higher Inflation Temporary or Structural? The CRACK UP BOOM

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42 thoughts on “Is Higher Inflation Temporary or Structural? The CRACK UP BOOM

  1. I know you guys have to make a living hearing yourselves talk, But I have heard the same thing again and again "This time it might really be different!" Meanwhile people are suckered by the panic and lose money in silver and gold. Divining "meaning " from noise, and profiting from the rubes. It reminds me of the old Psychic act, "I'm sensing you have… a brother… no a sister… ah, you're an only child!"

  2. 2 years ago I had a choice of land that I was looking for at the price I was going to be able to afford, now that I finally have that cash all the land that I could previously afford has roughly doubled in price here in Scotland and I can no longer afford to buy anything.

  3. Should talk about the inflation in Lebanon, last I heard 1 oz of silver equals around 2725000 Lebanese pounds and its 6000 pounds for 1 US dollar, its being ignored by main stream media i'd love to hear what mike and the fellas think about the situation.

  4. I just bought this great art work for $18.000. It is an amazing statue. Come by tonight and I will have it on display.
    5 hours later, in the house to see the artwork )looking at the marble stand (on which nothing stands): "Amazing! I think I am going to cry, It is so beautiful. It is so touching and such amazing technique. What a fantastic artist!"
    The art world is just like the liberal democrat machine. Full of lies and deception. The Dems want us to believe things that nothing is worth something. Zero is still zero. And the air on top of the marble stand is just that. Nothing.

  5. I really do not understand modern art or the art market. I never will. I remember going to an art museum and seeing 'My Bed' by Traci Emin. The Bed is literally a full size unmade bed with bedsheets stained with bodily secretions and the floor had items from the artist's room, such as condoms, underwear with menstrual blood stains, other detritus, and functional, everyday objects, including a pair of slippers. The bed was presented in the state (unmade, with an oversized top blanket bunched up and sheets sprawled across the bed) that Emin claimed it had been after languishing in it for several days; at the time she was suffering suicidal depression brought on by relationship difficulties. And they call this art! The media loved. "Amazing." they said. "Such depth and amazing perception!" An unmade med with trash on the floor, really?
    Which idiot bought nothing for $18,000?

  6. How many common man have 18k to buy this ART 100% zero. Only ultra rich will buy this crap to show other rich how rich they are. So, inflation doesn't come from poor as they dont have anything to spend. Rich create inflation and pass it on to poor to keep them under them as slaves. Giving free money to poor might create inflation but it will be very very less than how much rich create.

  7. well this is what i been saying for some time myself. the "money" you have in your investments are just numbers. they go up and down based on whoever controls it. just BELIEVE and you shall recieve. it's the future!!! remember, it's all in your head! your mind!

  8. Thanks to grandpa Joe everything reeks inflation, good thing is people are getting to know cash/fiat is pretty much stone age at this point, it is designated to fail eventually, 3 BEST and surprisingly easy ways to double or hold your funds in 2021; Real Estate, Gold, Who can guess the 3rd??

  9. Mike that artist was selling the invisible sculpture for nothing. The euros are just an idea as well. There is no value behind the currency just a story. Same as the sculpture.

  10. I just do not understand how they don't get that debt is only worthwhile when it is used to increase productivity. The fiscal 'stimulus' will be wasted on fake government jobs and projects, with nothing to show for it except more debt, all over the western world. I know politicians want votes, but we should expect better from 'independent' central bankers. Are they corrupt or fools?

  11. If you step back far enough, a human lifespan on earth is "transitory".
    I would be very weary of an organization like the Federal Reserve,
    which has a history of shifting goalposts, calling anything "transitory"…

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