June 14, 2021


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Is Inflation Here To Stay? (Answer Will Shock You!)

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43 thoughts on “Is Inflation Here To Stay? (Answer Will Shock You!)

  1. Another great video.
    Salient points:
    1) Fuck Moody
    2) Fuck Target
    3) Especially fuck Michael Bloomberg
    4) Heroin guy is now in Austin.
    5) I called Vegas and they said the odds are split on the source of George's face tan lines. 50% Costa sunglasses used while piloting his yacht.
    50% he wears a Rudy Project aero time trial helmet when riding his bike.
    Do tell George.

  2. Persistently declining interest rates puts DOWNWARD pressure on prices as producers are seduced into refinancing more supply at lower costs (of funds). Government regulations and compliance measures and taxes put UPWARD pressure on prices. "Money printing" will not be the reason we blow off into hyperinflation, it will be the bankruptcies of the marginal producers as their profits are squeezed to nothing at the same time consumers/savers and producers begin building inventories due to uncertainty about the future. Idiotic government actions will only speed up the process. If you want to learn more, have Keith Weiner on your show. He's been right for years as Austrians like Schiff have been wrong and wronger. It's not time yet. The 10 yr, even the 30 yr need to hit zero and we need to see gold go bid/no offer (permanent backwardation).

  3. By the way, since debt does not matter I was wondering if the government could just borrow a quintillion and send all of us a check for a few million each. I know that may be inflationary, but not to worry it would only be transitory.

  4. Money printing!!! What?!! I don’t want sound bizarre but there are over 4,000 bank closings since 2017 according to online reports an the numbers are climbing monthly. All of this is in response to the massive shift towards online digital banking since the so-called pandemic made matters worse for people to do business in person. To say more money is being printed while more banks are closing does not make sense.

  5. George when you give away dough. Your government won’t have anything left to bake! That’s why there NO one willing to take a job. Sleepy joe can’t make a sentence, an your explanation is far too simple. Can’t get the water down the drain; if it’s pluged (lockdowns) unplug normal free market society. Keep joe in long term inflation will be the trajectory!!!

  6. You have to wonder about the timing of the Suez Canal blockade. If a German cat fancying supervillain was orchestrating things it would still look much the same I suspect.
    I am off to make a tinfoil hat with the last of my aluminium foil!😳

  7. You asked if we're doing anything to prepare?

    -Learning about different mediums of exchange (gold, silver, animals, vegetables, alcohol, etc.)

    -Purchased land to:
    -Grow more food for ourselves
    -Raise animals
    -Hopefully help some in our community

  8. IMO – get your butt to a place that still has small farms. Small farmers will have the know how and be willing to sell their local goods. They work the land by good ole fashioned hard work. They will have animals as well

  9. My spending habits changed forever when I watched ads for stuff I don't need or want immediately after watching people die from COVID. Less spending and more investing in assets that increase as inflation increases.

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