September 25, 2021


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Is Nuclear War Inevitable?

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29 thoughts on “Is Nuclear War Inevitable?

  1. When we come to understand this world, we become more self aware.
    What we decide to know is crucial. Direction is needed on what dark corners we peer into and which ones we don't.
    Like said "we cannot unring that bell" and I could tell you now, some people wish they didn't know because ignorance is not just bliss, it's protection and restriction in one

  2. The US congress is in denial. Our ICBM's are 40 years behind the times, the bomber force offers only low level of deterrence. We are standing on 1 leg of the triad. Very, very dangerous. And no, it won't be Iran or North Korea, it WILL be Russia, and your damn smart phone will be the least of your worries.

  3. Russian and Chinese leaders and generals have their entire families move to America. American leaders and generals move their entire families to Russia and China. Start a war and families also die.

  4. Interesting topic. Does USAF have any capabilities to intercept ICBMS from a foreign actor once aloft? How good is the EWS? What role will Space Force play in neutralizing nuclear threats?

  5. I don’t trust Spaulding or this banker guy both would be dead if they tell these stories on here. Always Russia Russia or China China. Sorry peeps it’s all a distraction. There’s a country you need to worry about even more. Not hard to figure out. That Country is very kosher about destroying us.

  6. Nuclear War is inevitable because Nuclear Bombs exist… this video title could just as easily say 'Will someone get shot with a gun?'… guns exist, so people get shot with a gun… 'Will someone get stabbed with a knife?'… and there is not one single thing any one of us can do! If it happens, it happens!! ?

  7. When I was younger I thought nuclear war was the only thing that we needed to be truly worried about. I thought it would be caused by an accidental firing by one side or the other. Now, it is bioweapons and cyber attacks.

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