32 thoughts on “Is Ripple (XRP) Really the Best Investment? (It Surprise You)”
  1. All in baby!!!!! Hahahaha!!!! The army is coming for you BTC!!!! Dun dun dunnnnnn! Whooooooo! 1k per coin 2022…..were buying the bar out!!!! All over the planet they'll say are you in the XRP army? No bro I am the XRP army!!!! Hahahahaha…I'm so siked up right now! Patience is a virtue, just keep packin them bags up boys and girls….were all going to be amazing, were going to be righteous in the world of finance!!! Oh don't stop pumping me up BITBOY your doing an amazing job bro don't stop now!!!?? Man I'm super stoked mad dog 2020 right now!!!! We're coming BTC…lol… yeah!

  2. Follow the money. Too many big players being this company for it to fail. It will be used big time. The more its used the more it will burn up that massive supply driving the price even higher

  3. This is a really great time to start investing in crypto currency but i'm actually ignorant about how it works, please is there a way i can get some sort of help or advice it will be much appreciated

  4. I hate vids like this! There needs to be more info in this vids. Neither XRP and ADA does have smart contracts! They wount skyrocket in value before they get it. People need to understand that smart contracts is whats driving defi and altcoins forward atm.! None of these will moon until they get it. XRP and ADA can explode yes, but not untill they manage to utilize smart contracts like the rest of the booming crypto.

  5. XRP is only decisive to people who do not know about its utility or how it works on the Ripple platform. Because BTC maxis now realize that BTC is too slow to be used like currency, too volatile to be a store of value, and too expensive to transfer value. All problems that XRP has solved.
    So the hate comes from the BTC maxis who realize they are like Blockbuster Video when Netflix started streaming movies to your computer and put Blockbuster out of business. Plus that whole "banker coin" is spewed by people who have credit and debit cards in their wallets, have checking and/or savings accounts, mortgages, student loans, personal or car loans. Maxis are up to their ears with banks themselves. Hypocrite says "what?"
    Lastly, maxis are hoping banks adopt BTC so all the "banker coin" garbage is spewed by maxis on a sinking ship with no life preservers. BTC is the past, XRP is the future.

  6. Do you think Ripple and XRP is the same thing or is it more proper to say Ripple is a company and XRP the coin name. It is easy with Bitcoin because that is what it is just bitcoin and no company doing business as Bitcoin. This is different because there are many companies that purchase or use XRP but to buy Ripple that would come in a form of stock or shares of Ripple the company. Just asking.

  7. XRP is decentralized. It's very obvious if you look at validators, Ripple is not even 5% of the validators.

    Even y'all can run nodes. Everyone who "considers it centralized" doesn't have any idea how XRP's consensus mechanism works.

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