28 thoughts on “Is the Meltdown Over? – Gold Silver Market Update w/ Mike Maloney”
  1. Read Ezekiel 7:19. in the bible. "They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will become abhorrent to them. Neither their silver nor their gold will be able to save them." There is no salvation in money or currency or precious metals. God's record as a prophet is 100%, not 99.99%. Read John 17:3.

  2. I showed all 10 "Hidden Secrets of Money" to my 9 y.o. back in 2018, then when he heard they were going to raise interest rates he said "Dad, if they raise rates, how are they going to pay for the interest on all that debt"? He loves your videos, we watched them again this month. He's always correcting people saying it's not money, it's currency. Thanks for shaping our future generation!

  3. one special drawing right per 0.888 671 gram of fine gold…..IMF charter page 17……….
    IMF charter page 17, (it's always about reading the small print)
    The sale of gold to a member under this subsection (e) shall be made in exchange for its currency and at a price equivalent at the time of sale,

    to one special drawing right per 0.888 671 gram of fine gold.

  4. The meltdown is just beginning. We need to crash the Comex and LBMA! They don't have enough gold and silver to cover everyone's paper metals. Claim your physical metal NOW or you may never get it!

  5. I think the only way out of is going back to the gold standard and getting rid of the income tax and property taxes. This will cause most people to come back to work and get involved in the economy. It will bring new hope to the masses.

  6. Notional value of derivatives is very different to actual value, so the 230 trillion isn't as scary as it seems on the surface. Say you have a 1 billion dollar interest rate swap with another bank, the notional is 1 billion but the actual money involved is only the difference in the two interest rates on the 1 billion. So at 1% shift you're still looking at 10 million dollars. Credit default swaps are a big danger because they bring down insurance companies like AIG. When I worked in derivatives a few years back there were countless CDFs on Deutsche Bank. If DB goes down they'll take everything with them.

  7. True. You can earn and lose money or fiat money in the stock market. Silver sounds like it should be in the cycle as well. Everyone that does research know the system will crash. How will gold and silver benefit people as you are predicting like you know exactly what tomorrow holds. When the market crashed before in 2008 Did you get wealthy because of Gold and Silver? Sad that people lost their homes from predatory lending. But people generated wealth buying real estate low and selling high Its great to know trends and cycles so you have an idea of when to buy, hold or sell. If you make mistakes..GREAT!!! that's how you learn…not trying to be perfect. Bitcoin has been around for a decade and went as high $20,000 and is at $6,500 now. When has gold or silver ever in history of man gone over $3,000 in return value for those that possessed it? And now people are banking on an economic collapse because they are being told the value will go to the moon. People create their wealth in all areas then choose to diversify it by acquiring gold and silver. That makes sense. But for people to make it seem like others that dont will be sorry for not buying gold and silver and ludacris. On gold and silver website you are selling Gold and Silver at a certain price but buying it from others lower so you can make a profit. Nothing wrong with that but this doesn't add up

  8. Most individuals will not get a dime. DHS can't handle everything at once so if it's not absolutely necessary then you get nothing. Thinking about how some folks will manage is very concerning, at least it should be for the local and state government. I'm sure there will be dummy's who call in dhs and demand free money but the fact of the matter is nothing happens overnight and there is to much unease. I hope the Fed's give me my check so that I can day trade some stocks

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