September 25, 2021


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Is the Texas Abortion Law PERFECT? Plus Fauci Emails & Covid LIES! | Louder with Crowder

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38 thoughts on “Is the Texas Abortion Law PERFECT? Plus Fauci Emails & Covid LIES! | Louder with Crowder

  1. Huh. Guess I was a major anomaly, because I knew something was up two weeks into the pregnancy, even before anything would have shown up on a test. I think that the time to shriek about it being their bodies would be prior to having sex.

    I know people who have children from an assault, and I know people who were the result of an assault. None of the women regretted keeping their child, despite the horrific circumstances that led up to their existence.

  2. Getting Roe V wade overturned is one thing, but this method of skirting constitutional protections through procedural fuckery and frivolous lawsuits will backfire on republicans HARD if it isn't slapped down by SCOTUS. Mark my words.

  3. Despite me being a conservative I’m conflicted regarding abortions.

    I think abortions should be legal because child support is just biased against men, but on the other hand, I think killing the babies is wrong. Maybe they should reform child support. If they reform child support, I’d be completely pro life. I’m conflicted

  4. You do weaken your own argument regarding abortion if you in the same show speak about dying old people as if it is ok – either you protect life in all cases or you dont (taking your own example about all or nothing you gave as a counter to incest/rape argument against dave).

    Dont you think you cannot lecture someone about a thematic you yourself are having two opinions – depending on if it is a 6 week old baby (and that is not even a heartbeat, an ultrasound can detect "a little flutter in the area that will become the future heart of the baby)

  5. It's so interesting to listen to actual sections of your videos and hear your thoughts. Borders should close because of opioid crisis? Yeah overdoses are a big part of the problem but I think the larger opioid crisis is just people literally being addicted to prescribed pills. It's withdraw symptoms, drained bank accounts, people going through their everyday lives craving a simple pill they get from the government. It's like with every issue you find a way to wiggle it around

  6. You may not know you are pregnant at 6 weeks but you do know you have had a penis inside you… it's certainly possible. Is it too much to ask to be responsible and get a monthly pregnancy test if you are at a point in your life where you do not want a child?

  7. When it comes to determining if a baby in the womb is life or not and when that is, then learn/FOLLOW Real Science to determine it. Q: will the fight for abortion continue? If so = lies, hypocrisy, rebel, delusional justification, etc.

  8. Take the time out of your day to look up all types of abortions, with graphics/pictures/videos to get a CLUE/Understanding of what abortion is and what it looks like. I am against abortions toward healthy babies in the womb, NOT against deliveries that would cause death towards the mom.

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