October 23, 2021


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Is THIS How Marxists Will Destroy Private Property in America? | The Glenn Beck Program

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47 thoughts on “Is THIS How Marxists Will Destroy Private Property in America? | The Glenn Beck Program

  1. There's a class action lawsuit against the CDC for the People that died from the Covid death shot. 25 people died from this covid vaxx years ago and it was shut down.

  2. Vaccine research doesn't take 40 years, its funded with public money, and companies like Pfizer has pernicious policies / conditions / terms of vaccine sales. India donated / sent vaccines that it made, to more than 80 countries even before its own population ! Patents are great but also not good for modified DNA in food and plant / biological species… This is different than technology patent like for phones…for example… Cant apply same standards to everything under the Sun, most of it made by God Almighty himself.

  3. Forget the vaccine. The vaccine doesn’t even promise to prevent covid. And is still in trial studies. Why doesn’t their doctors try to get other medical treatments that are working to fight covid? Why aren’t we talking about other medical treatments? Because the treatments are out there and are very effective if treated early on.

  4. Excellent video. Very good points made. I actually believe that some Democrats, not many, but some are actually coming to the realization that they have been on the wrong side. And that coming from a man who's lives in Portland Oregon for 47 years. I'm a conservative. But this leads me to my one and only criticism. If we want to turn Democrats into Republicans then we must understand they are not all going to be Christian Republicans. Neither am I. I respect America's Christian roots. I don't believe in erasing any mention of God from anywhere in govenment. It is our history. It is sacred. By the same token, if countries in other parts of the world have their roots in other religions, it should not be discouraged or in any way dismantled, That's THEIR history. In some of those countries people are not allowed to follow certain other religions, but in THIS country we are. So in speaking of Christianity and politics in America I feel strongly that it's very important to make the distinction publicly that just because people start to realize that the policies of Democrats are fatally flawed and that they are on the wrong side, does not mean that they are going to be automatically associated with the Christian religion. I strongly believe this discourages people, who are truly waking up, from identifying themselves with the Republican party. Therefore, speak to the public in a way anyone can relate to and not with religious terminology and references that discourage a potential "politcal convert".

  5. Yes , you got a point but the vaccines don’t work and ate therefore a very bad example. Must of all allopathic medicines by Big Pharma comes straight from Rockefeller snake oil. Are you with me? They are killing people as we speak and nobody can hold them responsible for anything since 1986. But I understand your point and agree with the principle – the government shouldn’t be able to take our freedoms and rights to own things away. That is really sick.

  6. What do countries do with the USA Tax Payers millions that they have been given to them, that should last for years, based off their economic levels?

  7. The lockdowns have killed millions in 3rd world countries… starvation is the real crisis in India, not a conveniently timed new strain of COVID (cold virus) which will be used as another excuse for the rise of tyranny.

  8. Why do they need a vaccine that doesn’t prevent spread or infection… and at this point is an experiment which many doctors and scientists feel will end up very bad. Why don’t you look at the track record of vaccines in Africa.

  9. I've been watching you for a while and I've disagreed with some things that you have said but this is got to be the stupidest. people in South America ,Africa, India, the Indonesian States all need vaccine to the sum of billions of people there's no way possible three companies can make enough for the world. Now if it was for something like the TV which RCA stole from a man that died only worth $90,000 even though he invented the TV it was considered in the interest of the country when it was really just a way for politicians to get into your living room. that was wrong trying to save millions if not a billion people isn't wrong by the way I can't stand vice President Biden I won't call him president cuz he didn't win!

  10. The Orion India have died post vaccination! They haven’t been dying from Covid! The humanitarian crisis is this evil Jab that’s actually killing hundreds of thousands of people around the world, Gates, Fauci and Soro’s want everyone vaccinated and these are the very same men that want to depopulate! How can anyone line up for this gene therapy????????? I know many who have died post vaccine aka” the Jab”, my good friend just had a terrible seizure last week from the J&J don’t take this jab!!!!!!!

  11. My understanding is that large corporations are woke . let them give up what they and their stockholders have worked for. At least they can proudly claim they are woke.

  12. Anyone who takes or has taken the "c19 vaccine" has lost their life, not saved their life. And they have enslaved themselves not only here on earth but for all eternity. IN GOD WE TRUST

  13. There is a well ingrained misconception on the part of the general public that pharmaceuticals companies make zillions of dollars from vaccines. They do not. With the exception of the newest one, vaccines are old news, the return on traditional vaccines is very small and certainly a very tiny part of these company’s bottom line. We’re they to lose those revenues tomorrow it would be a barely noticeable blip. New drugs/vaccines are expensive because the R&D costs are so great, the regulatory difficulties are cumbersome, expensive and lengthy, taking many years to bring a new drug to market. There will be those who will say, well, this should be an exception though, it’s a worldwide threat and they should give it up. Still, the technology has been in development for decades, it sets a terrible precedent if the government permits itself to simply expropriate the work. It seems there should be other options to provide the vaccine without giving up proprietary information.

  14. You know there's a misconception of the saying in the Gospel of Mark "Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things that which are Caesars and unto GOD which are GODS" and can be found in the very first verse of Genesis, In the Beginning GOD created the Heavens and the Earth meaning all of this is GODS whatever form it takes printing an image on a piece of silver doesn't change its ownership.

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