September 29, 2021


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Is This the Bottom For Silver & Gold? Where to Next? Mike Maloney

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46 thoughts on “Is This the Bottom For Silver & Gold? Where to Next? Mike Maloney

  1. The movie Shooter starring Mark Wahlberg describes what happened when the old gun expert tells the guys that he still has the shovel he used to bury the real shooters…………Very progressive stuff I must say:)

  2. Let's say silver goes to triple digits… That would be the end of the fiat currency because why would anyone who saved their precious metals sell them for worthless, and getting worse, currency?

  3. CIA invented the phrase to describe people who did not go along with the story of the JFK assignation. Footnote: all the people who were there with camera's were either bought off or had mysterious accidents or health problems.

  4. SILVER RAID!!! April Fool's Day, buy as much silver as you can. We will
    have the silver and they will be the fools. Buy anywhere you can and
    whatever kind you can. We're going to make April the biggest month EVER
    for silver investment!!!
    Silverbacks like the shiny

  5. There is a famous character, a Google search for "signals walter bulls". He made a fortune for himself back in 2018. Recently, such services have appeared that allow copying the results of professional players. This guy shows how to copy after him automatically using such a service. We must try while the market is on the rise!!

  6. That will never going to happen (and you know it)..not now,not tomorrow..even not in the common years..there is more than enough supply..remember..there's only 20% for the public and 80% is held for the industry..say's enough..Buying physical silver is not the smartest way to only loose money with it..Buy some nice coins that you like but don't ever put your money into silver..very bad choice..

  7. For me, I will hold my own metals. This way you can insure you really own it, because of the corrupt governments around the world can and way take your metals. Look at the corrupt within our Judicial System, along with the FBI,CIA,DOJ,State Dept, etc. There is NO such thing a free market anymore……………..Time to wake UP AMERICA, we have been getting fucked by our so called government for DECADESSSSSS.

  8. I think a lot of Money that normally would have been flowing into Gold and Silver is going into Cryptocurrency and delaying the epic rise you are looking for. Also PM market is highly manipulated, fraudulent, ect. where as most crypto is decentralized, finite amount and is part of the tech boom

  9. Great video ✅ From a technical point of view, the major challenges investors face may range from controlling impulsiveness to the frail of compulsion. Most newbies and most investors often undermine & often neglect the Importance of technical Analysis with regard to trading. Technical analysis overly predicts the movement of asset prices Regardless of what is happening in the broad of market. Essentially, the process involves studying the paths of a particular asset movement in the past so as to establish a sustainable pattern that can be used to predict the future movement of the asset and in doing this, it takes alots of time to do this which is why i find expert opinion in trading has always being a guide for me and i have enjoyed the signal service from a few with some losses until i started copying trades alerts from Tim Davey to mine for the past 6 weeks and i have seen difference in my portfolio. He is an expect trader with 89% trades accuracy. He can be reached on ???????? @Davey_signals)

  10. I hate to sound arrogant but really I dont give a rats ass. I thoroughly enjoy reading the comments to various videos all over the internet. They provide entertainment beyond anything I could get from the late night tv MSM comic garbage. Reading the comments gives me tremendous insight into the reason this country is nearing the epicenter of the giant cyclonic toilet bowl swirl…thank you to all the koolaid drinkers in todays society….drink on!!! Only when the ultimate consumers pass out will they know they have aWOKE in a kulag!…ENJOY! I love you so much!!!

  11. John Adams from Australia is convincing scores of clients to trade from paper silver to physical. Over 20 tones of physical in 3weeks. Exposing Perth mint and comex paper scames. Get behind him and push to convert to physical silver. Incredible job John.

  12. Hey Mike ….
    remember reading your book Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver back in 2009 .
    I t changed how I think about money forever .
    I bought into silver mostly, almost doubled my money back then , and in 2019 I started buying again –
    almost doubling my money once again . But this time I'm not planning on selling at anything below 100$/oz – regardless of where the price is headed

  13. Wake me up when prices go up… Maybe that would be in world where the banks are remorseful of their actions in the past and will compensate everyone that has been robbed because of their manipulation. Otherwise no point in investing in metals. Would much rather gamble with crypto. At least there's some semblance of price discovery and people are willing to bid up an asset if they feel its undervalued… just like in a real free market… what a novel concept… Also a fun fact… lead is outperforming gold ytd…

  14. I’ve called a dealer in Bavaria ( an official Perth Mint partner) if he’s got Australian Silver Kangaroo coins available. – He said „no problem“.
    What is it that you’re telling that the Perth Mint is having issues with supply??

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