June 17, 2021


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Is this the Most Important Viral Reality Video You Will Ever See?

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40 thoughts on “Is this the Most Important Viral Reality Video You Will Ever See?

  1. The video starts by showing that ‘excess deaths’ in Sweden. Just after 01:42, Ivor says ‘watch the birdie’. He then shows two tiny numbers on a graph. After replaying several times, I can see he’s trying to say the excess deaths in the 2020 Oct-Sep year were 364, and in 2019 they were minus 300.

    He then at 02:30 shows another graph, which shows the bursts in excess deaths in Sweden. He uses vague terminology to say “in many periods… deaths were well below…” – this isn’t mathematically precise. As far as I can see from the graphs, the total of ‘below expected’ for the whole graph is less than the total of ‘above expected’. Then he uses the term ‘very minor’ to describe the second of two surges. If you stop the video and squint, you can see that the first surge is people under 65, and the second, people over 65.

    I can’t see how this shows that lockdowns and masks were unnecessary, nor that Sweden’s policy was better than Britain’s. I can’t even see the link between his cluttered, poorly-labelled graphs and the Covid pandemic. His commentary doesn’t make them any clearer.

  2. 6 million vaccinations Sweden (Population 10.5 million). 40% have at least east one dose and all the elderly and vulnerable have had there second doses over a month now….I think that's important to factor in but you didn't mention it.

  3. Very good analysis as per usual.
    I’m still struggling to find covid, especially in April-May 2020.
    If you consider the age group mortality and the directions from a panicked WHO in March when care homes were filled with sick hospital patients. It was a strange time of year for flu season but understandable if you factor in the timing of hospital discharges who were probably recovering from the last seasonal flu.
    How many of these care home patients and older/obese hospital patents were put on the ‘liverpool care pathway’?
    We will never know because they were ordered to cremate and bury as many ‘covid’ patients as possible. It was just too convenient that relatives were not allowed to see dying relatives in care homes and hospitals…even with full hazmat suits presumably!

  4. Great video. Well explained as usual. Along with your Radio friendly voice to boot!

    I have an issue with Ferguson. He, and his computer modeling team have been involved in predicting figures for at least the last 6 pandemics. BSE, Ebola, Foot & Mouth, Swine Flu, Bird Flu and Covid. Interestingly he's got EVERY prediction WRONG (or did he? … you only get out what you're told to put in?!) …. His employer is Imperial College London – who have been massively funded by the Gates Foundation (among others) for almost 20 years.

    Ferguson's figures were the conduit to everyone of those afore mentioned pandemics. Those figures (or predictions) were the instigator and one that initiated the global response strategy to these pandemics. Without that data, ALL govts could not 'sell' the idea of a pandemic to the public. All the psychological tricks and manipulation and 'nudges' by the likes of SAGE (in the UK) and their ilk ALL depended on Ferguson's data kickstarting the latest scamdemic.

    Nobody in a position like Ferguson is THAT stupid in their job. It's entirely feasible that he was given figures (answers) to justify the lockdown – and he, and his teams challenge, was to come up with the calculations to match it. The whole Global Plan, rested on his data … NOT to stop the pandemic (or more accurately) scamdemic BUT … to initiate it.

    As we're focusing on the latest 'pandemic' … why haven't more people questioned the fact, that it was based on PROJECTIONS rather than ANY deaths?! This is showing up to be just a live version of Event 201, that it's a co-ordinated plan.

    Choose the most innocuous Virus … such as the common cold … something that virtually everyone will catch, ramp up the fear, convince people it will kill, provide a Vaccine. Problem, Reaction, Solution.

  5. Closing down the economies of nations was a military attack by China, who with WHO got the cooperating leftists in each country to cause panic among ignorant citizens. There was never any reason to shut down for such a reason. The shut downs caused much more misery and death than the virus.

    We are under constant attack by China and others who want to destroy us by Sun Tsu methods, where they win without actually having to fight a war.

  6. The figures in Australia are similar. When I checked government statistics about 3 months ag, 926 people had died of Covid. 760 of those were over 80 and 860 were over 70, meaning 66 people under the age of 70 had died of covid and most of tjose were between 60 and 70. 1, yes one, under the age of 30 had died. Im not even discussing comorbidities here, as that is not provided. The total + PCR count was around 32,000.

    Clearly this disease is not an emergency, unless you call people dying in nursing homes an emergency. Lets compare that to the everyday death rate Australia, which is about 620 per day, or 225,000 per year. The deaths from Covid are insignificant numerically and occur in old people with high risk of dying. Yes, the numbers would have been higher if the virus was not contained, but it boils down to how much worth you place on a human life. Does that worth diminish with age. Obviuosly, as the only reason we get old is so we can die. Nature itself places less worth on old, sick people.
    So the response is a philosophical one, not scientific.
    And if you believe the success rates of Ivermectin and co. then perhaps no one nedded to die of Covid19 anyway.

  7. The Covid case numbers worldwide are meaningless. Lying govts report the numbers, so we have no legit numbers to work with. Govts use inflated and false case numbers to justify their crimes against the people. The Covid PCR test is a fraud. It spits out falses when labs run it @ 40-45 CT; even Fauci admits that running the PCR above 35 CT yields inaccurate results. https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2021/02/22/fauci-states-covid-pcr-test-has-fatal-flaw-confession/ ref Fauci https://youtu.be/a_Vy6fgaBPE?t=260

  8. Really enjoyed your factual coverage of the data🙂🙏
    I think in Australia even considering all the hype we’ve only had about 910 deaths since it began 🤔

  9. One flaw in this presentation: you’re using PCR positives as an indication of huge spread with zero critical analysis of the validity of PCR and the way it was used over the past year to give an accurate indication of actual infection.

  10. It must feel like you are screaming into the void. Big tech and the mainstream media are the propaganda arm of those in power. We live in a totalitarian state. Disagreement with the party narrative is blocked or labeled as disinformation. Truth, reason, data and science don't appear to matter anymore.

  11. I made this kind of research on the historic death rates in Brazil. Same result, around the same percentages (society discrepancies between both countries respected) but I didn't kept it…
    if you like I can help you make such data available too

  12. Yep, the total death rate is the only thing that counts. The government/media can spin other statistics like a top (such as always talking about "cases"), but they can't squirm out of the fact that the death rate is normal for 2020.

  13. Ivor, here in Australia, Melbourne lockdown 4.0. The virologist, specialists who advise our politicians use modelling to predict if lockdown extended or not….the Burnett Institute is behind those recommendations. They are using COVASIM is modelling software …..trademarked by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Many people are suffering here mentally and financially and their future depend on a computer model and unscientific data. That's disgusting .

  14. Anders Tegen the man behind Swedens strategy would disagree that they didn't have any restrictions or lockdowns , in his words they had much the same as other countries , large crowds were banned , you could only go to a bar if you remained seated and had table service , schools reverted to home/online schooling amongst many other restrictions . A lot of the restrictions were voluntary but Tegen claims travel reduced by 70% due to people choosing to follow advice . There restrictions were a lot less strict than other countries which is probably why they performed considerably worse than the other Nordic countries . So the notion that Sweden was some sort of trailblazer in their approach is simply nonsense !

  15. EXACTLY! Well done. Hopefully even the most weak at mathematics should be able to understand this. I mean, it has PICTURES after all. This Lemming Pandemic nonsense is really damaging my arteries from blood pressure surges, lol! I stopped speaking to just about everyone several months ago and got rid of FB. Had it up to my witch bloomers with this shit since….the beginning.

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