April 22, 2021


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Is THIS The Real COVID Game Changer? Doctor Explains

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34 thoughts on “Is THIS The Real COVID Game Changer? Doctor Explains

  1. This is one treatment line that I TOTALLY mustn’t take……. unless I want all three of my bipolar selves in my brain at once.
    Honestly, for those that are also diagnosed with bipolar- the average person in our population can barely tolerate having a manic or depressive episode without needing medication. Now imagine that not only do you have your normal mood level (not manic or depressive) but also your manic AND depressive personalities in your brain together.
    So, yeah, thanks but no thanks.

  2. Covid, tell me, is it a Level 3 or a Level 4 pathogen? How is it, that 99.9% of people recover? Do your homework doc. Its nothing more than the winter Flu Season. This is not a real pandemic doc. I'm surprised you can't see that on your own.

  3. I have Lymes. Getting steroid shots made me want to die. Its NOT for everyone! It made the bacteria in my body flourish. NOT for everyone!!!!!
    "Bacteria on Steroids". Be very, very, very, careful folks.

  4. With differing reactions to the virus, steroids are only going to be useful for a very specific reaction to the virus, mainly a massive overreaction by the immune system, or a specific reaction type from the immune system.

  5. Savour your NHS while it lasts… it's been partially privatised already 🙁

    Can I still hold some hope that you guys can miraculously reverse it somehow?

  6. I have multiple chronic illness so have been social distancing and wearing masks for… a long time. LoL. And learned to wash my hands and not lick shopping carts quite some time ago. LoL.
    I have met many in the chronic illness community since being diagnosed and have noticed that very few of us have come down with covid, even though we are immunocompromised. When the first talk of dexamethasone started it made me wonder if steriods had helped me and others with similar dx.
    I do have dysautonomia caused POTS, gastroparesis, dtp to named a couple. But I also have Addisons. When the virus started ramping up we automatically upped my steroids to stress dose just in case. Like many others in the community.
    Very VERY few of us have gotten covid. (That we know. More to follow). Could this be related?

    (Several of our doctors are requesting we get antibody tested to see if we did get it and just not know). For me specifically I am on home TPN and home IV fluids/meds. Many of the symptoms that would prompt a test are just a flare up that may mean I run more fluids that day, stay in bed, etc. Extra stress doses… etc..

  7. It took a lot of money, not least for bribes to powerful people, to finance this scamdemic and to pay for cover up of paedophiles. To find out where the money came from go to rogermanners@yahoo.com It took a lot of money, not least for bribes to powerful people, to finance this scamdemic. To find out where the money came from go to rogermanners@yahoo.com It took a lot of money, not least for bribes to powerful people, to finance this scamdemic. To find out where the money came from go to rogermanners@yahoo.com

  8. How to tell that mainstream news is 'compromised'? Ask why the following covid and vaccine info is never discussed: 1) The PCR tests are not reliable to diagnose infectious disease
    Meaningless PCR tests just over-inflate the number of false positive
    cases: So the numbers are bs and only end up frightening the populace
    and herding us towards the unnecessary and questionable vaccine
    2) Isn't it a conflict of interest when World Health Organization
    funding largely comes from the Pharmaceutical Vaccine Industry ie: Bill
    Gates and company? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmoTebYF90w
    3) See how the Center for Disease Control covers up vaccine dangers:
    CDC Whistleblower and Corruption
    4) How deep is the doo-doo at the CDC and what is Fauci's part in it?
    See "Guess Who is Calling the Shots?"

  9. its been used in the philippines for 35 yrs we have thiss cure already for this pandemic but our government reject it for more study the fabunan anti viral the fabunan doctors have this cure already for covid the indonesian people government will announced this soon.. dexamethasone and procaine combined drug that will erased this pandemic

  10. When we lose our freedom and have all of our rights taken from us because people are too scared to vehemently oppose the changes in law that are being forced through we have doctors like you to blame.

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