May 12, 2021


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It was ALL a LIE…

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It was ALL a LIE… In this video, we break down the big lie about government’s response to the sickness as well as other major ways high level politicians have …


48 thoughts on “It was ALL a LIE…

  1. of course, this "dr. Fauchi" is sceptical about the effectiveness of the vaccines! The only thing he is sure of is that his pockets are wide open and that the rude methods he treats any competition to his interests are very effective! He really is an "authority"

  2. That frikken "globe" sitting right next to you is the Black Death.. Moon Landing Meth and the "glob".. Might as well drink the Agent Orange if you think NAZA landed on the moon… Creepy bill and Dr. Diaper can drink their own glasses of Agent Orange.. They feed that to my papy.. Here this is safe to drink.. NAZA's lies can burn.. NAZA, CDC, USN, they love you long time, No Crap

  3. Oh my, he stuck his finger in her what? No, no, no he kissed her. Our President Biden did the finger thing. President Trump talk about about grabbing there but yeah, Biden did the o’woopie doo with his finger there. Man we should take a second look at that list of future Presidents they pick from.

  4. What will the vax do to the morons that take it or to their descendants?

    The only question that matters now is “Why aren’t we hunting them?”

    I’ll never forget the preacher who told us “I think it’ll all be over by 1985.”

    Time to vote from the rooftops.

    FK: The earth turns over and an empire falls
    What must be done again and again

    FK: The fed gov has lost all legitimacy
    The biggest psyop in known history?

  5. All I know is we need to put all differences aside and stand strong together speak out against the fraud and remember we ate all connected that's how we can beat this all and they know it. That's why they work so hard to turn us against each other

  6. Now they have gone too far. How can an old lady's knitted pigs, that she probably made herself to sell for a little money be hate speech. I can't get that to add up.

  7. Masks do absolutely nothing it's a show of power over you by the deep state secret shadow bilderburg government elitist ruling class committee of three hundred globalist cabal members.
    Like Bill Gates Anthony Fauci Klaus Schwab to name the most egregious of these slave enforcers.

    It's time to stop this foolery now we are not stupid though more than most people are.

    CORPORATION OF AMERICA foreign European private entitie
    we the people for the people

    Public Notice Concerning The Corporations Act of 1870

    A great deal of attention has been focused on the Act of 1871 (which was actually repealed in 1874) and a great many people have been running around willy-nilly making all sorts of claims about this action, which all boils down to the creation of a Municipal Corporation calling itself the Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia.

    The bad thing about there being such an unauthorized corporation is that it could then spin-off endless franchises for itself and cause no end of trouble, which is precisely what it has done.

    But strictly speaking, if you assume that the parties undertaking this activity had the right to do it, we have no cause to complain; and if it affected only their own business operations, we would have even less cause to complain.

    Yet, here we come to the crux of the matter, and it lies in the Corporations Act of 1870, not the famous Act of 1871 which promptly fell on its nose.

    Did the Municipal Government or the Territorial Government, either one, have any granted authority to create Municipal or Territorial Corporations "for" us or to operate them "in our names"?

    And the answer is no, they did not.

    That right was delegated to our own American Federal Republic. It was never vouchsafed to the Municipal United States Government nor to the Territorial United States Government.

    As a result, all these corporations have been constructed on fraud and Breach of Trust, and are being operated without valid charters in our names by foreign principals.

    These entities must be returned to our ownership, re-chartered, and made subject to our Public Law. Or liquidated without recourse.

    This is required by every form of law including the Roman Civil Law: once the fraud is discovered and objected to, it must be corrected. The fraud has been discovered — and it is not in the Act of 1871 per se. It's in the Corporations Law of 1870, which has allowed all these other entities to exist.

    This is our Public Notice that this fraud has occurred and that it involves misrepresentation of powers and delegated authorities, similar names deceit, and usurpation in Breach of Trust. There is no doubt that this has happened and there is no question what the remedy must be.

    We heartily object to all that has been done "in our names" since 1860, when Abraham Lincoln, a Bar Attorney prohibited from holding public office in our actual government was put forward as a candidate for offices pertaining to our foreign Territorial Subcontractor and passed off as our American Federal Republic President.

    Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents.

    Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
    The United States of America

    WASHINGTON-DC is not part of the UNITED STATES. It's been a CORPORATION for decades, the FEDERAL-RESERVE is privately owned & has controlled it (Dissolved under NESARA on 12/24/2020 by Executive Order signed by Trump to ENFORCE 11/2/2020). So the fact the MILITARY has 65,000 TROOPS in place & the entire area of WASHINGTON DC walled off basically says we've SEIZED a "foreign" land, all of these CRIMINALS are stuck inside, and they don't even know it yet.

    Biden & Harris WERE "sworn-in", but at 11:43am. NOT Constitutional OR legal, unless at noon 12:00 HRS. **17 minutes early & 17 flags behind Trump this morning =


    The Treason is complete, as the Corporation does NOT exist AND the insurection Act was also in effect by Trump putting it into play. Now the question is, how to proceed? Can Biden play president for a few more days, or will the military take action in the next few hours? You shouldn't let yourself get upset now and let pessimism win. The election fraud is evident, and the evidence is overwhelming. The NSA has it all. You can understand when some people lose hope and give up, but that is exactly the wrong path in this script. We know that this was far from the end and that there is still a lot to come.

    A military operation always strikes when nobody expects it. The fact is, everything that just happened made the crime complete. The bomb bursts at the right moment, that's for sure.

    **Finally… JAG officials inside the D.C. compound, Indictments unsealed this morning of 1/20/2021, and troop numbers at 60,000. Do you really believe the military is "handing it over"?

  8. There’s many ppl that actually want the jab but can’t get it due to availability. Some travel hundreds of miles to get it.
    So what of the ppl who want it,can’t get it & in turn can’t get this green pass?? Man F this bs I hate it all

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