March 8, 2021


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'It Was the WORST Day of My Life …' Alex Jones Tells ALL! | Ash Wednesday | Louder with Crowder

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21 thoughts on “'It Was the WORST Day of My Life …' Alex Jones Tells ALL! | Ash Wednesday | Louder with Crowder

  1. Why's no one covering the black panthers being poisoned , like the Patriots that were poisoned that attended and helped protect the Bundy family. Poisoned and shot with the same weapons the ambassadors and workers in cuba . But didn't die, sadly the black panthers have.

  2. EVERYONE CHECKOUT WHAT ALEX JONES IS SAYING AT 12:01 , THIS IS THE REAL STORY THE MEDIA DOESN'T WANT TO COVER ABOUT TED CRUZ Snopes and Politifact have articles STILL UP saying Rafael Cruz (Ted's dad) was NOT IN DALLAS, but there is a NEW, recent article from the Fort Worth Star Telegram, this past year where Rafael Cruz did admit he was IN DALLAS ON THE DAY OF JFK'S ASSASSINATION. And going back over the youtube videos from shortly before he dropped out and was asked about these allegations, Cruz never denied it! He actually just sarcastically said "my dad killed Kennedy and he's also Elvis" and his father Rafael Cruz also doesn't deny it but makes a VERY SIMILAR joke "Oh, yes! I shot J-R!" (rather than answer the question he actually ADMITS it jokingly "yes!" and then adds an absurdity onto it to mock the question rather than seriously deny it, the fact they both do this shows they have coached on responding in that manner: admit it jokingly rather than lie, and add an absurdity). What's also interesting is how Ted Cruz's father went to work in the oil industry and then his son Ted Cruz got his first job in politics (solicitor general) thanks to George W. Bush appointing him. How do the Cruz and Bush families know each other from so long back yet they hid that relationship politically? And I would not that CIA Director George H.W. Bush was also in Dallas, which was proven after his initial denials once declassified documents came out. I understand WHY they did it: Kennedy betrayed the Cubans that the CIA was training and left them to die on the beaches at the Bay of Pigs and it's totally understandable that they wanted revenge, but the cover-up is worse than the crime, they need to come clean. Also, I'm starting to wonder if Marco Rubio's father was also a cuban involved in Bay of Pigs as he, just like Cruz's dad, came to the US around the same time period after the Bay of Pigs, and Rubio and Cruz both are Cubans who got their starts in politics thanks to the CIA Bush family…

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