May 14, 2021


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Italians March Against Ruthless EU

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50 thoughts on “Italians March Against Ruthless EU

  1. FAKE!
    Italy is for USE then ever to overcome the aseptic and cola economic block wanted and crystallized by UK

    which is collapsing for real now …

  2. Come on Mahyar. You know the title is totally dishonest. "March against EU"? What happened in Naples was against a new lockdown, not against the EU. The political corruption in Italy has NOTHING to do with the EU. In fact, the EU has been important to keep this corruption from rising even further. Utter bullshit, again. It's actually laughable as well how incoherent your argument is.

  3. Come on Italy, wake up and smell the flowers, you know how the Eu bullies people from first hand experience, Italexit is probably going to happen, so help yourselves, you’ll only end paying the interest on the loan the Eu forces you to take to pay for the euro budget

  4. Ive been to naples best pizzas ever mt vesuvius got lava from there.
    spoke to Itallians before they tell me they earn nothing compaired to UK (1/4) and i said why dont you work here, they said its not that easy, not good

  5. When you understand that the purpose of lockdowns is to wreck the world economies for the purpose of artificially extending the lifespan of the ancient rotting houses of control who have enjoyed prosperity at the expense of humanity, this all makes sense.

  6. That’s the way to do it , stop paying your taxes that will tell them enough is enough we’re out in a few weeks & we will welcome the Italians into the land of the free.

  7. Honestly these protest do nothing at the end of the Day. What needs to happen is when Davos meets next Every person in Davos needs to be Snuffd out. Leaders need to be beheaded, Bankers need to burn. Im not calling for socialism or Communism on the contrary. These World Economic Forum people are Socialist trash. Its like they read all the Novels that tried to warn us about this Dystopian(1984,Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451) and said "hey these are great Ideas! Lets make the future like that"

  8. Its great how youve been defending these arseoles for months and months and they will still let us down as we all knew they would. Absolute tossers

  9. These people within this vile EU dictatorship are suffering, and they have absolutely no voice while they remain in it, and to get anything changed. These people’s only out, is to have an EU in/out referendum like Britain, even then, they will find that they are actually prisoners of this fascist dictatorship, and will have to fight to free themselves, then try to destroy this vile, evil dictatorship, while on the outside, and if they can’t escape from the hold that is around their throats, then fight them from within.

  10. Let’s face facts here, the EU fascists are finished, but these fascists will do anything, including destroy the people within its member states, which is what seems to be happening. It really is time that these member countries woke up to the fact that they would do far better going it outside of this vile EU fascist dictatorship.

  11. Steve Baker is just another Tory fraud and chicken. The Tories should never be allowed to have a majority again. A bunch of horrendous, conniving liars. They make me sick…and this comes from someone who, until a decade back was a Tory voter. I can't tell you how much I despise them now

  12. If everyone followed the advice the first time round the numbers would not have shot up so high again, if people dont follow the rules this time we will be in and out of lockdowns through next year as well. Im a carer who has had to shield my very very vulnerable brother, (to the point if I catch this there is noone to look after him, if he catches it he is dead no question, the minor symptoms would end him) I have been since the end of march. I wont be the only one, ow lost jobs, cant go to pub blah blah, people like that have to remember its not just them struggling but they are putting peoples very lives at risk when they increase how long this lasts. Keep safe, reduce the transfer, save lives. Saving livelihoods comes second to the preservation of life, the dead don't buy your products.

  13. Italy, Greece and many other EU countries always do a lot of shouting, but every time they are given the chance to vote in people that will do something about it they go soft and pathetic and vote in the same old EU loving crap.

  14. lockdown needs to end, people now have the information they need to keep themselves safe if they are in the vulnerable groups, what is needed is for everything else to get back to normal, there is no need for more lockdown, its too late to stop the virus spreading, that should have been done in the very beginning with full quarantine measures enforced on china and on people re-entering the UK or entering the UK, my wife and I are both in the vulnerable groups, both of us having physical medical problems that leaves our respiratory systems highly vulnerable, but we both fail to understand why normal healthy people should be under house arrest for our sake, we are capable of looking after ourselves thank you very very much BORIS JOHNSON and the rest of the people who think we cant manage. all we need from government is information on the best scientific advice to help keep us safe, not everyone being placed in house arrest and bullshit laws being passed to stifle our freedoms.

  15. I'm so glad the EU is falling apart! Im proud of all Brexiteers- all the abuse we had to endure from Remoaners who actually were the ones who didnt understand WHAT they were voting for. I think Italians are stronger than us Brits, so this is great news!

  16. Such Tory party BS, Brady Baker bunch yet again hapless hopeless redundant good cops. Are we not in another lockdown.
    This is party political politics, a charade choreographed to keep the Tory party loyalist sychophants cheering forever for the Tory Party.
    Stop look listen, other than rhetoric what have the Tory government achieved.
    Do nothing fix nothing politics.
    Change our politicians to real people with a vision to be a truly free independent self sufficient nation of the people for the people by the people.
    Change our politics.

  17. Well done Italy, now if the Airlines worldwide have the guts to open up, and the rest of the world population do not obey the ridiculous draconian rules anymore and travel to Italy, and if ALL other countries do the same as Italy then the WHOLE WORILD WINS and the great reset is gone governments cannot fine or arrest the entire world population Italy will just be the catalyst, We have the power people, now is the time to STAND UNITED and use it,

  18. The EU is following the Agenda 21, milestone 2020-milestone 2030 plan same as UK, smash small businesses and the working/middle classes, give the rich and corporations wait for the slogan Build Back Better, this will carry on until March, that’s why the WEF meeting in Davis has moved from January to May 2021 welcome to the hunger games society

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