May 8, 2021


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It’s Time: Sanctuary Constitutional States For The American Way!

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31 thoughts on “It’s Time: Sanctuary Constitutional States For The American Way!

  1. I appreciate your intelligent international perspective, and it parallels a friend's international experience in escaping Czech Republic oppression in the late 1960's. Thank you to you both.

  2. Hello, madam, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and major Chinese media will adopt your 2015 video viewing method, and CGTN will invite you for an interview

  3. While we were all locked down in CT SENATOR Bloominthal was on the floor proposing a Bill to watch all our emails, all our messages, listen to all our phone conversation, track and trace our every move. He's a NG comminist.

  4. I get so worked up over these issues I email the President, the Congressman, the Governors to the point DC Capitol Police call the local police to investigate. Knocking on my door. Like I'm the enemy.

  5. Would someone please site me one known, provable instance when and where, throughout all known and recorded human history, any militarily powerful tyrannical government was defeated peacefully, and without the employment of violence by that government's subjugated people?
    (In my opinion:
    The primary cause for our present day enslavement is not due to ignorance, etc., but to the sad, ugly, shameful fact that the majority of we slaves, the American people, lack the courage of our convictions.)

  6. After a year of covid I finally know someone who died of covid. He went into the hospital for something straight forward, caught covid and died this past week.

  7. I finally have bought both of her books. Amazon Canada. Been wanting them for years, wife wouldn't let me. It's been almost a year since we separated don't know why it took me this long to buy her books?

  8. Well said, Sybel. I'm struck by how clearly our current troubles as a nation are seen by those who have lived under totalitarian regimes, and how strongly they advocate for opposing the domestic enemies who would impose such policies upon Americans.

  9. Suggestion: Contact an Amish community to see if you may come and stay with a family as part of your child's homeschooling. Honor their values by wearing a cover and being picked up in a carriage and horse from the nearest town. Ana-Baptists keep their civil and criminal issues within the group for judgement. They practice the forgiveness they preach. Many have family members who were burned at the stake or persecuted. You had a brief view of them in one of your newscasts showing the richness in their growing and cutting hay using out-of-date equipment with no tires. They have been growing organic long before it became a media fad. Ask them how many times have there been black eyes in church on Sunday morning. Few people speak of it, but Puritan Rhode Island had a Declaration of Independence in writing and published before Jefferson wrote his. I am a Transcendental Puritan Born-Again Pentecostal Buddhist and former Communist Libertarian. What are you?

  10. I'm not so sure the divide is so decisive. Most progressives view themselves as defenders of constitution and accuse Trump supporters of being authoritarians who are threat to separation of powers. But then they get real quiet about 2nd amendment and 1st amendment. They cherry pick the constitution. Constitutional law has never been black and white though. What needs to happen is drawing lines on assault weapons and free speech, and more clear constitutional agreements with both sides.

  11. A balkanization under the pretense of "constitutional sanctuary states" requires serious thought.
    What has been the result of balkanization in the face of communist takeovers in recent history?
    Didn't go so well.

  12. Sibel, ii just watched your January 19th 2021 information. That woman poking you in the back was an attack, from some your Xfriend. Your Xfriend don't like it when someone builds up a power group. Have no doubt a Xfriend has infiltrated the group. Batten down the hatches. And Lou Gihreg decease main motivator is(flu shots). I think the quickest come back is chelation. Call Dr Mercola and call Dan Bongino m you and him have the same ideas.

  13. Sibel your brightness continue to amplify, you are a prism of every beautiful light. The delusion we are dealing with is dumb down brain chemicals, psychological brainwashing TV shows and signals, and high radiation towers reacting with heavy metals that polysorbate 80 have let enter into the brain. But still some of them are able to delineate the truth . These peoples must recognize that they are being attacked and attacked in the worse kind of way, by the infiltration of all things bad. The Bible says a moral peoples can not taken over this way. We must always continue to fight thur to victory. Mar15 2021

  14. The United States has been a privately owned corporation since 1871. Simply break your ties to that corporation, stop using a social security number, stop using their banking system, stop buying things from their sub-corporations, stop paying attention to them, and if they assault you, treat them like the criminals they are. The States are also corporations, so don't expect that to work out too well either. The "Constitution" (which never had any legitimate authority in the first place) is not the answer, it didn't do anything to prevent the mess we are in and would just fail again. We need an entirely new system from the ground up that truly respects Natural Law and Individual Rights. But in the end no one should count on any system to defend your rights, you have ONLY the rights you are willing to defend, personally (with whatever force necessary).

  15. This the most important message. So simple. Why is it so hard for all the so-called freedom podcasts to get. Preaching to the choir will not win this war. We need massive, peaceful, nonviolent, noncooperation. Thanks Sibel. Everyone needs to get this message and understand.

  16. The thing about home schooling, or private schooling for that matter, it is still the same curriculum as the public school, they have to pass similar tests. So unless one teaches that curriculum AND the "truth", the indoctrination continues in most cases. With the internet, the kid if intelligent enough can teach themselves a lot more useful stuff and find the truth perhaps if guided by themselves as well.

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