May 13, 2021


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It's Time to Pick a Side: Patriots vs. the Crazies | Slightly Offens*ve

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41 thoughts on “It's Time to Pick a Side: Patriots vs. the Crazies | Slightly Offens*ve

  1. This is America. We need to ban together as a country and start reporting ads, news, and mis- information that encourages Americans to hate just because of their political beliefs. In this country every one is equal. Lets encourage understanding and tolerance. Stop spreading or encouraging hate. This is America! America is a place to be free to believe and practice your beliefs. It's our Constitutional

  2. As a conservative, it makes me sick to hear videos like this that do nothing but stoke hatred and push people closer to violence.

    For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. ANTIFA and proud boy types deserve each other. They're mirror images.

  3. I am and always have been a Patriot. I will fight for my freedoms and my country. If that offends you, then I know what you are and where you stand. Don’t Tread On Me. It will not end well for you.

  4. Born in the USA glad I wasn't born elsewhere. Have always been thankful too. What the left did in the last election needs to be addressed & the guilty sent to some deep dark prisons for lengthy sentences. Unfortunately it probably won't happen even democraps know enough to never talk about what they did. So now we probably will never have another free election


    It's just a Turf War between Red Gang and Blue gang. Like Bloods vs Crips, both political parties have many criminals within their ranks. It's just a Gang Turf War.


    Even amongst my own people, I'm alienated.
    There's nothing to believe in.


    I'm probably labeled as an anti-government radical, because I don't want the Machine Government treating me as a Social Security Number, while political parties fight for control over me, like I'm scraps to be won in the Turf War.

  6. but if nobody vote for biden after we arrest the politions i dont think theres gona be anybody to fight less soros is gona hire more antifa and bus them all over but why isnt antifa showing up at stop the steal rallys cuz thay were payed for and thay dont care

  7. Hillary pays for a fake dossier from a known Russian spy and presents it to Obama & Biden to use to start a fake investigation into her Presidential candidate and opponent Trump. Obama, Biden, the FBI then put together a team of 17 known Trump Haters to investigate it for 2.5 years and costing taxpayers over $50 Million, only to find out there was never anything there. And ya'll continue to say Trump is the Bad Guy? I wish you would ask yourself one question: Why would a Billionaire suddenly decide to run for President in his 70's, and never accept a paycheck for doing the job?

  8. I am ready to go to war to defeat the Democrats we need to take up arms and just get this over with because it is now clear the entire system has been corrupted including the courts. Get the guns and ammo out patriots and lets take back America.

  9. You know under a different president like Bush Jr or Obama I would have likely identified more with the crazies but im fully behind Trump and will keep fighting for him.

  10. I am on the side of truth, justice, and the American way. Not on the side of the leftist socialistic communistic agenda of hijacking America through the voting system and attempting to strip Americans of their Creator given rights.

  11. Support Pres. Trump IN STRENGTH when Congress reviews the Electorate. Jan 6, 2021.

    2A March on DC and Every State Capital on January 6 2021. Let them SEE US! Let them KNOW their coup will not stand!

    While you're there meet & greet. You want to know HOW to organize to make a STAND FOR FREEDOM…?

    Here's your chance. Here's your chance to do it BEFORE… a need for greater persuasion… arises.
    If we relinquish America to the Left there will be no "next election." This is no longer even remotely business as usual, things are NOT going to continue on as they always have.

    They're already attacking and even killing us in the streets. It's not new. They have been
    doing it and you know it. What do you think will happen if or when they have the Presidency…?

    They're already "making lists…"

    Inherent in the 2nd Amendment is the choice of if or when to raise a militia to defend our Constitutional Republic and it is ENTIRELY IN THE HANDS OF THE CIVILIAN POPULATION.

    The Constitution specifically gives the RIGHT to the INDIVIDUAL Citizens to keep and bear arms and to raise a militia – and decide how to use it.

    The government AND COURTS have no authority over the decision.

    It is in fact "THE" Fail-Safe for a situation like the one the Leftists have created now.

    In fact, the 2nd A's intent was that we can defend the Constitution AND OURSELVES
    FROM… a treacherous, treasonous government…

    George Washington didn't free the country by himself. We can't depend on
    Pres. Trump to save our country, our homes, ourselves – alone.

    Do NOT let an evil minority conquer the United States of America.

  12. BWAHAHAHA! This is the most cringy and ridiculous pandering to Trump supporters I've ever seen! Sure, cover up all your bullshit, your violence and your denial of reality with "patriotism".

    It won't help; because Biden won and Trump lost.

  13. I find it hilarious that the Democratic Party stole an election that they had already made illegitimate 150 years ago – in partnership with the Republicans. The way elections are done now violate the US Constitution in several ways. The general public is only supposed to hire the electors – & that's only if the State legislatures decide that's how they want to select the electors in the first place – who then make their own, independent decision as to who becomes President. The general public isn't supposed to have any direct influence on that at all. So, all of this ballot harvesting & the fake ballots & everything else used to make Joe Biden the "winner" were all redundant to begin with. It wouldn't have matter who won this election, because – like every election since 1874, when Colorado became the last of the then-already-states to adopt the "Winner-Takes-All" method of placing electors – the election process itself is inherently fraudulent.

  14. I agree…. patriots vs benedict arnolds…….and to your point when speaking of immigration, we have shed blood around the world and at home….so oppressed people could come to the U.S…….from countless nations….and naive people say we are racist…….MAGA

  15. We used to always go to America for a holiday because the American people and the restaurants were so polite so happy it’s all changed everything is just shut down and it’s a shame at least 10 years ago when we when everything started changing people were sat in their jobs they weren’t getting enough money they could just about feed their self and their children and it’s a shame because America you to me used to be a fantastic country and everybody loved it there and it was so beautiful and lovely . I really think there’s too much violence there now the election needs to change to get Donald Trump in power again to make America great 🇺🇸🙏🏼😇

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