May 14, 2021


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Jake Ducey (Global Elite's End Game, Power Of Visualization, 10x Your Results, Exit California!)

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31 thoughts on “Jake Ducey (Global Elite's End Game, Power Of Visualization, 10x Your Results, Exit California!)

  1. There’s a detachment from reality in ‘the elites’.

    It might start with a charitable concept to lift the poor out of extreme poverty. Crude legislation gets written, then unintended results happen as people pile onto an idea.

  2. Love this video, im super big on visualization, and ill admit I struggle with it sometimes but hearing you guys speak of this stuff now gives me another boost! Keep it going George, def sharing this with my friends!

  3. George, Jake thank you guys for kicking the tires and lighting the fires! I practice these laws and achieved phenomenal results as a young man. Divorce side track and amazing how we can forget what we learned. I’m a choir boys and me likey the way u preach

  4. The thing we all need LESS of is GOVERNMENT. Unfortunately, both sides love building up the sword of government to weild against the other side which only hurts everyone. Free people, free minds, free markets, anything else is simply obfuscation and methods to strip people of their humanity.

  5. You guys who did not live in communism have no idea. The Fed is not Marxist. They are Globalists. They are pumping the assets and are simultaneously invested in them while making plebs poor.

  6. The only true education is Self Education…  

    When in school from kindergarten to university, I mostly only read the chapters or pages the teacher said to read, with very few exceptions… once out of college and "lost" most of my friends and had a lot fo free time after work etc, I decided (made deal with myself) that instead of sitting in front of the tv for hours I would spend an EQUAL amount of time reading books, as I did watching tv, starting with the classics, it is amazing how many words I didn't know at the time!! LOL. And I had already left college!! So imagine the rest. Anyhow, after a few MONTHS of this (and I may be an exception for some reason) I completely stopped watching tv and only read after… it is weird how after a few years of this the most difficult thing to do is finding WORTHWHILE books to read; a lot fo the new authors are only rehashing what the old books said for the present. I felt I learned more during those years and even now than the years of university STRUCTURED learning.

    I add to that that the most interesting conversations (in GENERAL) are those with self educated people.

  7. 47:00

    It is NOT at all easy to "identify" those things that as Mark Twain said You're so sure but aint so…"
    Do you have a way or PROCESS to doing that??

    One small, and hopefully CONSTRUCTIVE, criticism:  
    That thing you do, where you keep saying "I'm not as smart as you…" that self deprecating phrase; I know it is supposed to pass for humility or something similar, but it seems or sounds unbecoming and no one believes it, we tune in to this and YOUR channel precisely because we know you are smart with unique and clear insights etc, and that TO ME makes it sound like fake humility and thus unbecoming of you.

    Good luck buddy.

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