May 13, 2021


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James O’Keefe Turning Point #SAS2020 | Veritas Camera Angle

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26 thoughts on “James O’Keefe Turning Point #SAS2020 | Veritas Camera Angle

  1. The charisma of a rock star, the audacity of 60 Minutes, the courage of a test pilot, the wisdom of Solomon. Rock and roll, James, rock and roll. Let the counter-revolution roll on. This man deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

  2. "They were actually… paid a living wage in Gulags…" What a complete moron. And stop saying "like" every 5 words – it's, like, pathetic.
    You always know someone is about to lie when the last word before the claim is "actually". You know a democrat is about to lie when their lips part.

  3. I'd like to see some more investigation of the Post Office, especially the report of completed mail in ballots being trucked from Long Island New York to Lancaster Pennsylvania. And Richard Hopkins wasn't the only PO employee claiming to have been instructed to back date ballots either.

  4. OMG. During the first quarantine, as well as earlier years since the 1970's, I have watched hundreds of testimonies from Holocaust survivors, rescuers, witnesses, and POW during the late 1930's – 1late 1940's. I think starving people worry most about family /friends , and their own survival, food, warmth, fleas, lice, water than copulation.

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