April 10, 2021


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10 thoughts on “Janet and Jay Good Cop Bad Cop

  1. Why not just stop being herded? We have been given power from God to convict these swindlers, (IMF), of their crimes. (Sin equals crime) #silversqueeze #Thoushallnotsteal. The Ten Commandments are God's power Honest Monetary laws. They are Lucifierians Men who make blood sacrifices Children and people. A lot are pedophiles. Should men like that run the World? People's lives? Or should good honest men pick up the sword of government ordain by God to Punish wicked doers and reward the Good honest just man. God will proof his power as we the people stop studying, watching and waiting all the while the evil man doesn't sleep he continuously sins, Breaks all Ten Commandments. Please for the love of God. Let us end the suffering refuse to tolerate the wicked. Right from home # Thou shall not steal. Billions hash tagging # thou shall not steal. Mean it! #Thoushallnotsteal. Unless you be converted and become as a child you shall not enter into the Kingdom of God or go to heaven. We have the Holy Spirit Jesus Christ's power over all the power of the enemy. The very word of God to convict men of their crimes, (sins), in obedience to Christ to spread the gospel to everyone #thoushallnotsteal.

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