October 17, 2021


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Japan’s Missile Defense Aimed at China

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China has become an ever greater threat to its neighbors, and Japan is increasing its defense capabilities accordingly. It has increased its defense budget as …


45 thoughts on “Japan’s Missile Defense Aimed at China

  1. So if I owe you money;
    Then take your money to buy a house;
    Then I die and my son lives in that house;
    So you dont have any claim to that house??

    The Nationalists lost the Civil War and took Money/Treasure from China to Taiwan…

    Japan gave Taiwan to China after WW2!

  2. The new Japanese Prime Minister needs to improving Japan's life to be better before taking action against China. I'm pretty sure Japan will be stuffed so hard and stomped so hard when fighting against China considering Japan's policy is somehow f***ed up.

    Like population is shrinking, suicide cases, raping cases, history denial, and Karoshi culture (work to death).

    Unless, if the new Prime Minister is willing to stand up his ass and reconstruct Japan's system to be better and better.

    Or even better, the Prime Minister should secretly make a Nuclear missile for Defence purpose.

  3. lol…if china nukes japan, it will be the end of the ccp and a large percentage of the innocent chinese population.
    if there's really a god…the people of china needs u more than ever!

  4. The US nuclear arsenal makes China's look like a pack of skittles. If they touch Japan, China will become a nuclear wasteland.
    Also, if you watch the news coming out of India, they're also siding more and more with Taiwan these days.

  5. CCP: "a war with us will be bloody. you do not want that."
    JP: "it will be your own blood, we will be fine."
    US: "that is better than us, Chinese blood really gums up our hardware."

  6. The most dangerous nation that China has to worry about in the world is Japan. A nation that will fight to the death & cause any aggressor to think twice before attacking it. China should speak softly & think very carefully before arrogantly threatening this peaceful country. Japan must be treated with the utmost respect, to do otherwise is to condemn oneself & nation to potential humilations of losing face for generations.

  7. Japan's military capability is completely restrained by the US and does not have an independent combat capability.

    It is easy for the People's Liberation Army plan to paralyze the attack capability of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces.

  8. However the possibility of China attacking Taiwan is very low. Once the war broke out, if the CCP lost, it would disband. The Chinese exile communities are all political refugees, CCP members also no way to live. But low possibility is not no possibility. Furthermore, have to look back on history. No matter how the US would help Taiwan, the US only considered Taiwan a battlefield, nothing more. And whether being allies, they had the right to withdraw the troops at any time. Taiwan cannot rely on any foreign countries' strenght.

  9. 1. It would be nice if Japan spent more than 1.2% of its GDP on defense. The US spent about $700 billion, which is roughly 3.2% and we don't have China next door.
    2. It would also be nice if alphabet or YouTube didn't demonetize these videos.

  10. Japan replaces Joe Biden as the country willing to help Taiwan!!! Biden will just let China talk over with millions of blood on their hands!!

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