July 26, 2021


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Jerome Powell Spoke – The Fed Head Testifies Talking Transitory

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Jerome Powell had quite a bit to say and we’ll take a look and listen and digest it with a grain…many grains of salt. Plus we’ll review the David Morgan and …


29 thoughts on “Jerome Powell Spoke – The Fed Head Testifies Talking Transitory

  1. This is opportunity to load up the 🚛 on physical while the crimex derivative fiat garbage $ is suppressed at clearance…
    Induce shortage and the system crumbles

  2. 39:15 John McAfee has warned people on multiple interviews that btc was NOT useful as a payment system, it’s dinosaur speed and wastes energy, but “they” keep promoting it for trading and get rich quick. Nor is Btc private, you see every transaction.
    McAfee’s key points – use a crypto currency that is private, decentralized and proof of stake (not proof of work as that’s where wasted energy goes). He said people must USE a private, decentralized crypto to PAY for things. Do not use it for trading only as you’re playing with Wall Street and the bank cartel. Monero and DAI…
    RIP McAfee

  3. P.S. The jab intake hasn't been up to., Dr.Kills expectations so the puppet masters have been instructed to……ramp up the fear @!@?😝🤪😜😎

  4. Central Bank Digital Currencies actually create an even greater need for decentralised cryptocurrency..
    You will only be free if "they" don't gain more control of your money

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