September 29, 2021


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Jewish And Looking For Love (Dating Documentary) | Real Stories

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45 thoughts on “Jewish And Looking For Love (Dating Documentary) | Real Stories

  1. It would be fun to know how the three young people have fared two years later. I hope they all found what they were looking for. Natalie was probably too demanding in what she wanted. You should never dismiss a man just because he isn't tall.

  2. Man, I am 21, but been single for 3 years and plan to be until I am 25 or older. I just want to live life a bit and get schooling done. The idea of getting married or dating someone at my age is a very weird idea. I don't even know what I want to be with my life, I don't how I could deal with someone else life on top of my own at my age. (Obv date if you want to, it's just not for me right now)

  3. Ohhhh Natalie…
    Your standards are Wayyy to high, You seem to be a Lovely person, A friendly..
    easy to talk & get along with girl,
    But you need to actually have the standards you are looking for yourself
    Maybe set your standards a tad lower .

  4. Just based on what I’ve seen whoever ends up with Jason will spend a lot of their life laughing, and that is ESSENTIAL in a relationship. Looks fade, sense of humour stays.

  5. She makes it important about the heights so perhaps its who she is looking for are looking for a certain weight thats why it is so difficult for her to find somebody not being funny …lol

  6. all who r only focusing on looks might surely get wrong since looks changes but basic character doesn't hence tht is more important for to see interms of compatibility rather than focus on looks only like natalie, etc.

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