October 23, 2021


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Jim Jordan Gets Into EXPLOSIVE Fight With Dr. Fauci Every American Needs To See

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24 thoughts on “Jim Jordan Gets Into EXPLOSIVE Fight With Dr. Fauci Every American Needs To See

  1. The media in the U.S. is now juggling the american people 's lives by spreading hatred and lies instead of Fighting the Virus and holding china officials accountable for millions of death all around the world.

  2. Fauci's Commission Project ID: R01AI110964

    Search Internet for Fox News Steve Hilton's investigation video:
    Steve Hilton investigates origins of COVID-19, links to US commissioned research

  3. 560,000 died of COVID but what’s the real numbers because in Ohio we go from thousands of people die from influenza down to 92 in a whole year something is going on here just don’t make sense

  4. The woman who said, "shut your mouth" to Mr. Jordan wow! she's talking about respect and what did she do ? I take my hat of to Mr. Jordan for been a true patriot and not backing of to Dr. Fauci. We need more men like Mr. Jordan in our country who have courage to speak up and defend us. It's funny how Dr. Fauci didn't hear the last question. I agree with what someone said about Dr. Fauci pushing all Americans to get this vaccine because he has heavily invested a lot of money into this. So of course that's what he wants ! He is not interested in the human race he's selfish and greedy and only looking out for himself. He needs to be removed. I wonder if he's gotten this vaccine that he once's said that he would trust. And if he has I can't help from wondering if it's not just plain water been injected ?? We've been lied to many times. God helps us with all of this. We need to trust more on God and not man.

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