May 8, 2021


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Joe Biden is a “national security disaster” for the US | Benjamin Weingarten with Ezra Levant

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33 thoughts on “Joe Biden is a “national security disaster” for the US | Benjamin Weingarten with Ezra Levant

  1. Don't get too surprised when the Chinese army raids in North America just like a hot knife in butter. We are all sleeping watching tv shows and dreaming about getting 'jabbed' 💉💉😅

  2. Remeber only 1% of people fought to separate from Britain…I was hoping to leave communist Canada and live in the best country but looks like it doesn't matter anymore…..I'll stay were they pay terrorists and try to screw vets

  3. The White House wasn’t earned it was stole through corruption ! America will never be the same, rights and freedoms will never be known for what they were. Communism is the new rule for America.

  4. Ezra, why are you ignoring my email regarding my 93 year old aunt, who is locked up and drugged with Zoloft in Willingdon Care Home in Burnaby?
    She is not allowed visitors and I was denied a Zoom visit because I criticized the home for the way they treat the elderly.
    You are no better than the MSM and you don't care about the elderly.
    The elderly have NO VOICE!

  5. I love him. I know he can't hear me but I kept telling him to go to Bahamas , sit on the beach and watch it burn. Look at Trumps rallies and the energy and turnout. Then look at bidladens campaign or lack of. China wants our land.

  6. People in the US dont like Trump and thought he wasnt doing any good, just wait to see the new administration totally ruin everything and get run over by tyrants that we all know…..Look at Trudeau and what hes doing to us…..North America is going to be carved out nicely

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