May 8, 2021


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Joe Rogan Experience #1051 – Duncan Trussell & Christopher Ryan

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Duncan Trussell is a stand-up comedian, and host of his own podcast “The Duncan Trussell Family Hour”. Christopher Ryan, Ph.D. is a psychologist, speaker, …


36 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1051 – Duncan Trussell & Christopher Ryan

  1. Forgive the anal retention, but it's 'platonic' after Plato the Greek, not Pluto the dog…. Or planet if it even is one. Does anyone even remember Pluto the dog?

  2. Ive seen in things from massage places towards first time patrons that say "its perfectly normal to experience an erection during massage therapy. Dont be ashamed. Theres no need to apologize. Its just a reflex."

  3. Christopher Ryan is a very smart dude.

    It has been long understood and demonstrated in anthropology that in societies where young adult males have more free access to sex, that society is less violent. The more sexually repressed a society is, the more violent and dysfunctional the society is.

  4. The annual fire season we have in Australia is a bit more intense than California but overall they're kind of on par. We trade fire teams in each others fire season.

    In terms of area, our countries are of similar size, but Australia is more sparsely populated. The terrain here is difficult, the fires are often remote. And yet, despite that, in Australia we do exactly what Duncan is proposing. When big fires happen, people travel to the fire from all over to country to put it out. We volunteer to rebuild the homes lost. We take care of each other. But unlike what Duncan is saying, we do all that WITH the aid of the government.

    See the problem isn't that government structure exists, people need structure and they need regulation. Filling in forms has a purpose even if it is clunky. The problem in the USA, and some other countries, is you've lost your unity. You've lost your sense of nationalism, of community, of good will to one another. Everyone has become selfish

    If as Duncan suggested you just got a series of small groups that looked after each other we have a word for that. Tribes. The greatest achievement of the enlightenment was casting off tribalism, because it ONLY leads to dysfunction, to bickering over access to resources, to war. You're seeing the results of that tribalism play out in the streets with all the fighting and rioting, it can only get worse if unity isn't sought.

    The point of federalism/nationalism, is to extend the tribe to include the entire country. That's what government is for, to organise the logistics of a tribe that large.

    The people are the problem, the culture. You gotta work on it because it's killing your country right now.

  5. the comment of nets is absolute BS. ive been in the commercial fishing industry for 20yrs and not a single boat is cutting a multi thousand dollar net free. christopher got fed a line of pure propaganda

  6. This has confirmed that we are in a simulator now…during quarantine, we stayed at home, had drinking parties via zoom and felt like we were actually with our friends. I just realized I no longer exist as a human being

  7. 2:24:40 like that comment Duncan made on projecting someone else, onto a person so like you dont get bored of your friend or wife, so you just make them koby or some shit… An image of people with neurolinks and some vr headsets sitting down facing eachother, mumbling random sounds and driblling, believing theyre having some crazy inspirational real conversation, both in this weird ai vr world… lol ya thats the future…

  8. What do you think encourages Joe to invite Duncan when having on irregular guest like Christopher? Do you think the worry is christopher wouldn't have enough to say to fill up the episode?

  9. Christopher Ryan's take on the mass-killers is pretty accurate. "More promiscuity" is not the answer though. The opposite is the answer. Monogamy was "invented" to deal with male aggressivity. If one guy can only get one woman, then other women have to look around for someone else. In todays society it's hypergamy, fewer men get laid because women jump from guy to guy, but only their "top choice" guys. There is scientific studies that tells us that this is how our sexual behaviour have changed, and it's directly correlated with more violence. Any man know that sexual frustration makes your blood boil.

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