September 20, 2021


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Joe Rogan Experience #1073 – Steven Pinker

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21 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1073 – Steven Pinker

  1. If there are 100 people in a room, there is 100% chance that one of them is a moron? By what logic? They could all be geniuses actually (if you would be at CERN, for instance).

  2. 17:26 Wondering: Are they going to talk about the disconnect between what they call American's alleged admiration for generosity and the fact that Americans can't even give each other free health care, and that they imprison more people, and have more poverty, undrinkable water and and crime than any other modern democracy?

  3. 15:30 It's so wonderful to hear two Americans/Canadians actually discuss and speak out for personal integrity: mean what you do and be sincere in what you say over time, instead of constantly bullshitting and gaslighting people and pandering to emotions to sway opinion, which seems to have become the American way.

    Does anybody know anybody else like this or are Joe and Steve the only ones?

  4. Ugh, at 12:00 they're already talking about hugging and being nice as a solution to problems. Why is it Americans (and Canadians) almost always eventually degrade themselves with these kindergarten ethics?

    If you live by any ethics worth mentioning (basic human rights and fairness), then you are going to be mean to most people most of the time in order to uphold these principles in the world. Americans need to get over the aversion to having their feelings hurt, it's so childish and debilitating to the necessary endeavor of keeping people honest and exposing and resolving corruption in our world.

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