June 17, 2021


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Joe Rogan Experience #1302 – Ed Calderon

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45 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1302 – Ed Calderon

  1. Hey Joe that part you said about the heroin being infected to create a health crisis. About 2 years ago there was actually a real wierd flesh eating disease that pretty much killed you

  2. Sorry Joe I know it's hard for you to accept but the facts are it takes money to maintain and own your own airplane not to mention get a pilot's license. There is some cowboys but i think it's a little more organized than random people trying to make a buck. That is some body that's already rich trying to get richer.

  3. Ed is speaking the truth and nothing but the truth about the reality us Mexicans are living right now. I recognize Ed is one of the most knowledgeable people I ever seen who talks openly about the real Mexico.

  4. This shit is real, my brother lives in Tijuana and at times he would call me and tell me not to visit that weekend because something happened. It was almost always a cartel war. One event made headlines in Tijuana when cartel decapitated 2 police officers and placed their heads on sticks in front of the police station with a note saying "learn to respect." You see corruption in plain sight from police and cartels like its normal. My cousin was apolice officer in Mexico and I got to see first hand alot of shit they get away with and rules they must follow. He retired a few years ago due to violence increasing where he lives. Cartels are moving into cities and towns they can overpower and control.

  5. Right now I would like to hear what Ed Calderon has to say about our current president (Andres MAnuel López Obrador) Meeting in private cartel dirt roads whith El Chapo´s Mom to have aparty and chat.

  6. Let Mexico manufacture the stuff that China currently makes. I'd rather give their people jobs as an alternative to working for the cartels. I feel a connectedness to my fellow North Americans and would prefer a good NAFTA system than empowering the CCP.

  7. Anyone willing to put their life on the line like this guy gets my respect all day long. Cartels will skin you alive just to make a point. This mans life and his families are in jeopardy every day.

  8. Idk what them people are doing with the smoke in that video, but I like to look at it under a magnifying class, if you have a good one with a light you can look and see if there’s mildew or mold even mites if u got a great magnifier. Back around 2004-2015-16 there wasn’t any good smoke it was all low grade brick smoke it would smell like some type of air freshener or something and it was nasty I stopped smoking for probably 9 years because it started making me depressed, but then the higher grade stuff started showing up and after I learned a lil on mold and the stuff that the low grade would have in it like mites and stuff can mess with you or that’s what I have heard. We looked under a glass with a light to see the difference and now I almost always check it with a mag glass after seeing what that old stuff looked like smh. Lol

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