September 25, 2021


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Joe Rogan Experience #908 – Leah Remini

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Leah Remini is an actress, producer, author, and comedian. Her new show “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath” is a documentary series that can be …


43 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #908 – Leah Remini

  1. I remember hearing when she first got out, I thought nothing would come of it having remembered as a child in the 80's watching the 20/20 special on crapentology and just thought it was a big deal because crapentology put up a stink about it per normal procedure and she would just be hush hush about it all. Leah is amazing for standing up doing what she has done to date along with the others who have come out full force.

  2. The same corruption exists within the coffers of the Koran. There's instructions on how to take over the world, beat your wife, lie, and be all-around garden-variety supremacist. If the average person knew about Surah 9:5, Surah 4:34, Surah 9:29, just to name a few, you would say the same thing as Leah is saying. In the face of abuse, you can't remain silent.

  3. If there the elites of humanity and the protesters of the world why don’t we know about what they are doing to protect us? What are they doing for the world and humanity. I don’t get it. What are they saving us from!

  4. ⚠️Lol Leah is like a girl or guy who just got out of rehab ready to shack up with and do as many indescribable indiscretions as humanly possible in as little of time as possible ⚠️

  5. I believe what she is saying, and how she was treated, as Joe said her fiery temperament does not make her a liar, but might not be or best asset, I digress, I live in Dublin in Ireland, and one of the Scientology churches has been built just a couple of minutes down the street from me, I feel that they have taken advantage of a niche in the religious market so to speak, part of the people in Ireland since all the accusations of paedophilia with the priests has come out, a lot of people have left the church, and all of a sudden, bam, here comes the Church of Scientology, and what I am saying hear is, I think a lot of people are going to walk into to a whole lot of s**, when you break down and think about the level of deviousness of that church, the average Irish person will not be that calculating in their thoughts, but a lot of them won't stand for it, as well just for the personality of the Irish person, like who are you to ask me this s** everyday, but there will be vulnerable people and of course this is what they look for most cult-like setups always catch people, when they are down, and then claim to have brought you back onto feet and now you owe? Let's hope they're watching this

  6. I am a big fan of Leah, but well wow,lol, she was flirting with Joe big time, she wanted him to say, her nails were sexy, not nice pretty, she practically was saying the words for him with her lips and, then further in to the conversation, she makes reference back to his answer to the nails ting, when she asked him are you a smacker, and before he could answer, she said know! I don't think you are, because you think my nails are nice, which was sorted for her roundabout way of saying, I would rather you had said, that they were sexy, and I like a smack and the ass every now and then. lol

  7. This got me thinking. There's a giant Scientology building in Amsterdam that's practically a meme here because everyone takes the piss out of it. But the fact they can get this giant building pretty close to the centre of Amsterdam with this humongous ugly sign must mean that they are stashing big bucks overseas. Amsterdam is a very expensive city to buy property in so this building must be in excess of €10 million. Who knows how big this plot thread goes?

  8. Leah- “No one is watching this besides people who want to attack you or me.”

    Me sitting here eating pecan pie the day before thanksgiving in 2020 watching because I love learning about other’s beliefs, culture, political views, religious beliefs, and all other things that make every one of us different in our own way. Learning and listening without judgment with only open mind and heart can help you understand others better even if you listen and still disagree you still have no hate in your heart because it doesn’t matter if your belief changes or not learning it still helps you become a better person yourself and excepting others regardless if they agree or disagree with your own beliefs helps you be better yourself.

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