September 25, 2021


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Joe Rogan Experience #946 – Dennis McKenna

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23 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #946 – Dennis McKenna

  1. When you die DMT is released thereby giving you a final trip. This trip is based on your life experience. Thus you will create your own heaven or hell based on your actions. Even your diet will play a part in your final trip since everything in this planet contains or creates it's own DMT. For example you eat a cheeseburger whose meat was grounded from about 5 cows since it's a commercial operation. Well you just ate the death experience of all 5 bovines thereby showing you a glimpse of panic and lunacy that takes place at a slaughter house. So if you fast 3 days and experience death then you would have a very peaceful and sublime experience since your body is free of radical molecules. If you cannot excrete your own death DMT through meditation or secret rituals then smoke it. Or drink it or however you can get your hands on it get it. We all need to know the eternal peace so we can evolve.

    I am Yeshwa Bin-Ruben and it is an exquisite pleasure to exist in this reality God's creation his Kingdom. Since we are as it is in heaven.

  2. This gentleman told a story of a poor man smoking enough salvia, that he felt like he was young girl celebrating Christmas with a family he had no relation to. How this story was shared without Joe pissing himself in laughter is beyond me. That poor psychonaut had to go on with his normal life and act like everything was OK after that experience lololololl I’m dyiiin I cant handle it

  3. I really hate to say this as a psychonaut but dennis mckenna seems a little try hard and full of shit. Seems to me like he is a little too agreeable with joe and trying too hard to be relevant. He is riding the coat tails of his brother and more than anything just repeating and not really giving anything new.

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  5. i had a doctor once tell me to stop smoking weed because I can end up with heart damage from a single-use and have a heart attack or die suddenly from one use…… some doctor eh? i asked him what research he has done or read and he said none and that its just how he feels, and that i am wrong.

  6. Control substance is another word for dictatorship. You have the right to happiness unless these things make you happy then u don’t get a right but here some tobacco that kills more ppl then all drugs combined. Instead of spending billions of dollars making sure adults don’t do drugs, how bout feed some ppl w it.

  7. Trump is smart and way better president than Obama so don’t compare. He’s just been attacked this whole time. People who know him say he’s a great thoughtful guy.

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