September 25, 2021


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Joe Rogan Experience #970 – Bret Weinstein

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45 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #970 – Bret Weinstein

  1. When you repeat a despicable act you instantly condone it. These idiots have no problem with the way blacks were treated in the segregation era because they want to implement the same acts again. The only difference is that people on the receiving end will be white and they enjoy it. The act is therefore justified and no need to complain. Dumb or what.

  2. This is so sad. I found this tough to watch at times! You're literally watching a broken man, his whole life just got ruined by this. And he's the loveliest, intelligent, gentle dude I think I've ever seen. Especially as these kids tried to attack him and made threats to his family and he still offers his hand to help them. Surely this alone exonerates him and proves his character.
    Would have loved him to teach me at Uni.

  3. flash forward 3 years to 2020, and this shit has taken root in the streets under the name critical race theory…. tax dollars are funding it's proliferation in government agencies and institutions, including academia, and it's wormed its way into corporate america management…. and of course its loudest backer is blm, an organization that the vast majority of white supporters have no idea what blm is actually about, and even less of an idea of how to challenge blm's stunningly juvenile demands and accusations…. it's friggin' crazy.

  4. The Reagan quote hits really differently in the current COVID situation. We didn't come together at all. We turned against each other. How did we get to this place?

  5. Indoctrinated minds so very often contain sick thoughts and commit most of the evils they preach against.

    Make no mistake, these students were indoctrinated. Possibly for years and thus it culminated into what happened.

  6. Bret doesn't understand what equity means. He thinks there are two definitions, but there aren't. Equity is control over outcome by pounding down the "privileged" and is racist in its very nature. Equality is giving everybody the same opportunity no matter their race or gender.

  7. Nov 1st 2020 – where were the PARENTS of these bullies , to bring them back down to earth = actions & consequences.
    The Director of the college sold out when he took on the role. The question is who / what put him up to this absurd situation ?

  8. maybe u should have took the day off and collected a pay check ur not teaching these idiots anything anyway punch their ticket give them a diploma and take a toak and relax an asteriod or volcano going to make the final decision anyway

  9. I like watching Joe interview people I follow and most of the interviews are a few years old. They are so prophetic, the Milo, Christina Sommers, Crowder Weinstein and Peterson interviews are so good

  10. watching this from Asia and can't believe how bizarre and surreal the US has become, where ignorant and misguided students can bully a professor they don't like out of college. If firm action had been taken against entitled brats in campuses, there wouldn't have been any riots in 2020

  11. it doesnt even make sense how is his protest offensive at all to black people? he isnt telling them they have to be on campus or that they arent allowed to be on campus. theres no impostion on them at all let alone one based on race…do they even know what racism is???

  12. I got accused of being racist by a former employer that I stopped working for in April 2019. Weird part is I reported a white general manager to HR for calling the cops on a black lady for calling him "fatboy" and then proceeding to tell the police that she threatened to kill him and was putting her hand in her jacket as though she was concealing a firearm. My concern was that lying to police like that could have put that woman's life in danger of being shot unarmed by a police officer that is acting on a bunk tip of her being armed and dangerous. As a result of me reporting to HR the general manager was asked to voluntarily resign with his reputation unstained. But guess who became GM? The roommate / childhood friend of the GM that was asked to leave. Me, I got smear campaigned and fired and then chased around to every job by my former co-workers who painted me as a white supremacist. The longest I have managed to stay at a job before quitting or getting fired after leaving the first is 7-8 weeks because where ever I go I get stalked by my former co-workers. None of those people reported the general manager for putting a black lady in danger of death-by-cop. I did. But according to their delusional version of reality I am racist and they are the anti-racists and them demonizing me makes them heroes. They even got several of my neighbors involved so they'd join in to harass me, gang stalk me and smear campaign me in order to poison the well and discredit me at every juncture.

  13. 2:03:34 "They teach media"

    Omg no wonder this has become a national problem. This whole issue is so far beyond baffling im at a loss of words.

    The only way this makes any sense to me is that I died 3 years ago & have been living in hell. To be honest I think I would feel a lot better if I knew that was actually the case.

  14. Having been on the operations end of such small unis, I feel the pain of the new president. Faculty entitlement is an almost impossible hurdle to overcome. Other than that, I feel the pain of this instructor. But a university run by faculty is a terrible model. While I hear the instructor’s description, what I’m also hearing is a story of students who have discovered a juvenile way to rebel against “store employees (teachers)” who take all the customer parking and money and run the store. I’m sorry this guy was scapegoated, but I get why the young people did it. Think about it. The only person who could have prevented this guy from being unfairly scapegoated (as he was) is the very president he refuses to empower. A very articulate Fool, he is unable to see the forest for the trees. The trees he knows from taproot to umbra. The forest is beyond his ken.

  15. “Following the death of Khan, at least 61 suspects were identified. 57 of the 61 suspected were arrested and sentenced on 7 February 2018. 1 culprit was awarded death penalty, 5 were awarded life-time imprisonment and 25 other culprits were awarded 4 years jail sentence.”

    I know. From Wikipedia and I have not researched more. Still, this should (in some part) be the result of what is happening to Professor Weinstein

  16. These Marxists and Critical Race Theorists are everywhere, in every university and cultural institution, and capitalizing on this (like the racist, Ibram Kendi). It's largely fueled by white, self-proclaimed feminist women too… I've noticed. BLM, Antifa, the dehumanizing of police and assassination of innocent officers. Truly, these cultists are everywhere and their goal is to dismantle a Liberal society until we are all suffering the consequences of their actions. How can we stop it?

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