May 8, 2021


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Joe Rogan Experience #993 – Ben Shapiro

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43 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #993 – Ben Shapiro

  1. Shapiro's take on Trump didn't age well. Look at 16,000,000 views when a conservative gets a platform and this is why the left is so biased and has to resort to shadow banning accounts and restricting freedom of speech because if the people were allowed to just speak freely and writers were allowed to write freely then their political party wouldn't exist. They only survive because they brainwash the young and uneducated.

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  3. Shapiro's definition of left wing is anyone who is critical of his opinions re his interview with Andrew Neil on the BBC where he accused Neil of being left wing when he is far from it.

  4. who cares if theres no science into somebody "being a woman" born with male chrosomes. They CAN live normally, unlike schizophrenics, so who cares. Just respect them as an individual and call them she or he what they want, and they live their lives who cares just get a life Ben

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