February 25, 2021


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Joe Rogan SQUARES OFF with the Media Establishment | Pseudo-Intellectual

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43 thoughts on “Joe Rogan SQUARES OFF with the Media Establishment | Pseudo-Intellectual

  1. Just fire these whining bratty kids from these companies and actually hire people with real ethics and…oh wait. That's logic, reason and it makes sense. Hmmm. Nevermind.

  2. Why are they scared of Conspiracy theorists and de-platform them, cause if they are talking nonsense, why does anyone have anything to fear, can people not only make up their own minds… Sadly Big Tech are acting like communists

  3. its hard to stop listening to them when media outlets like yourselves report on their radicalism constantly, giving them double coverage and a voice right?

  4. When someone or something tries to undermine, destroy or erase my Liberty, the only sollution is attack and destroy. It isnt any different from any other self defense situation or occupation. War

  5. stop the non sense. the sjw movement has been nothing but trouble. first they gave the gays their rights, then their off spring came crawling out of the closets. they do not even know what they are.

  6. Sad fake post by promoted Russian Troll Farms! Their goal is to use false information to undermine the U.S. election and Americans sense of trust. They post video that is obscure and misleading. The posts have thousands of views upon initial loading because they hack the page and Russian bots create the fake views. Hundreds of comments in favor of one candidate (Trump) with fake likes are loaded in by one individual with the help of bots. There are few comments after an initial post.

  7. The left needs censorship because they know that if you hear anything other than their view, you’ll understand how dumb and ignorant they are.

  8. I have no room left in my life for communists, or banksters, or oligarchies, or tyrants, or censors, or parasites, or useful idiots, or whatever the authoritarian scumbags are calling themselves these days.

  9. 🗽 TOO ALL PATRIOTS : Seriously lets make history tomorrow Nov. 3 " Protect America " from the radical left who will trade this America for a socialist/communist nation ( FACT ) also the Big Tech companies who are blocking " Freedom of Speech " and the MSM who are spreading lies and want to dictate to you their agenda and not give you the " Real News ". Lets together fight back against these " Traitors of this Great America " with our votes tomorrow Nov. 3 even if you have to take a day out of work ( LETS DO THIS " MAKE HISTORY " ).. 🗽

  10. She said’ “ making waves, doing things a lot of people aren’t to happy with”. The people yelling the loudest are the least sensible right now. The people yelling over who he chooses to have on the #1 rate podcast in America, are the same people we don’t need to be listening to. These people who yell over others are the reason Joe Rogan’s show is killing it because it’s people actually having deep intellectual thoughts and getting to play ideas all the way through.

  11. Why would they tell their employees something like that, it's so typical of the people on the right, the innocence, and what if there's more malice in it, what if they pay them?

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