April 20, 2021


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Joe Rogan vs Joe Biden: Brain Damage Exposed During Black History Month (comedian K-von explains)

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39 thoughts on “Joe Rogan vs Joe Biden: Brain Damage Exposed During Black History Month (comedian K-von explains)

  1. White privileges are not just for the white who is vice president privileges let's just put it that way people with money they can buy their way into thinking they are doing great things for our country when they are all racist they are creating the Divide themselves look at the to empower They Don't Care About Us they come from different color tones They Don't Care About Us take care about looking important let's hope they go down in history as the first president and vice president to get evicted ejected out of America he already has a place in China I don't know where she's going to live really don't care hopefully under a rock

  2. I have been saying all this for some time . Donald Trump hired the first woman to supervise a high rise construction project . 1980. Donald Trump shares a stage with Rosa Parks and Mohamed Ali while they each receive an award from Rev Jessie Jackson for helping inner city black youth . Trump a failed racist and a failed white supremacist . The democrat and Republican Parties are both packs of successful liars and crooks . MSM is right at their sides helping with the lies .

  3. This is crazy Americans were vaccinated for all this crap the covid is a bunch of crap lies lies fauci is a control freak Biden is lost and the American people are being taken for a ride by mad scientist run by billionaires

  4. Joe Rohan Speaks truth not spit. Don’t complain about geriatric lunatic Beijing Joe Biden dementia why are you speaking ghetto slang like ‘spit’ and ‘drop’ all that crap misuse of the English language, it’s apalling please communicate like adults or STFU!? Thanks

  5. Kamala calls Joe out for his busing stance and then becomes his VP. The party of diversity and inclusion elects an old white man who is just about as racsist as Strom Thurmond. After everyone denounced Richard Byrne (last name may be misspelled) Biden gave an eulogy at his funeral. This stuff just cracks me up.

  6. Blacks have been brainwashed since "The '''''great '''''society" Remember? Johnson told the Dems " if we give the ***** welfare, we'll have their votes for the next 200 years!" My God!

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