21 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson Emotional Interview with Patrick Bet-David”
  1. I think if we find a solution to the monetary system we will advance and maybe become type 2 intelligence .Untill then we are on a course of destruction and corruption.We are all living as a money making instrument?

  2. Who would have thought this video would mean even more now when you look at what has happened to us Americans after we helped enrich so many countries like Peterson said 😰. Our thank you is a virus and a blow to our economy. And now we are suffering.

  3. How beautiful to watch this crowd give a standing ovation for children, and how beautiful it is to watch Jordan Peterson get emotional about children. I'm crying! So much love! 💙💙💙

  4. The system we live in often make forget what is really matter in this life to us , why we are all here .
    The main reason we are here is to love and to be loved .
    That is the main reason of our existence .
    It is truth that everyone has their belief system .
    We are happy when we can live primarily in harmony with ourselves .
    I know that for sure from my own experience .
    You can not be someone else because we are idividuals .
    I can be only better version of myself .

  5. Big fan of Peterson, but his view on having kids is subjective. What he should be saying is to be a responsible parent. Make sure you have a good job, savings, and a right partner with the same goals. Stop having kids just because it's what society says to do. If you don't have any money, don't have kids.

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