June 17, 2021


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Jordan Peterson Opens Up About Absence & Life Beyond Order

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37 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson Opens Up About Absence & Life Beyond Order

  1. The only time I haven't agreed w Jordan Peterson is when he said that Biden's infrastructure goal is good… he wants to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to rebuild buildings that are perfectly fine. It would take 100 years for America to pay that back. And then once it is paid, you would have to give those buildings some maintenance… whoever worked on the infrastructure would be dead so… that's a problem and you would have to pay for the maintenance, which is another problem. I don't see how it is a good investment.

  2. I'm turning 32 soon and it's people like JP and John Eldredge(Wild at Heart) and they both share the same message about life and the call for adventure. They've given me the courage to venture out of the known harbor and into uncharted waters. Later this year I'll be living farther away from home than I've ever been, entirely on my own and I an doing this for my self growth. To be better than who I was yesterday but more importantly to become everything that I could potentially be.

  3. IT is always fascinating to listen to Dr. Jordan Peterson ..!! He is one of a
    kind..!! Only if we could understand and explore the scope and
    dimensions of his great ideas.

  4. Dear Dr.Patrick! Thank you for amazing skills of interviewing and letting the new realities come gradually out and unfold before listeners and thise who are watching ,so we can benefit wighout delay,so the listeners can get real healthy stakes (food) for which wr are very hungry, some even lost their tastes because of internet easy get junk. I am subscribed with a bell.

  5. When Jordan taps in to the God of the universe he will become ,Okay. He has a good heart but he denys any God. He needs a truly omnipetent "Mentor" . I love to listen to him and I believe in his integrity, but he needs someone to believe in and trust.

  6. OMG, Jordan! You seriously do not get what happened when big tech silenced Trump? It was coup d'état. This was the day when big tech took power. Don't you realize the consequences of silencing democratically elected president by corporation having a firm grip on transmitting information? So, who holds the power – democratically elected politicians or Zuckerberg? Election now doesn't have any meaning. Now no politician will stand up against big tech because he/she knows that from now on it is big tech that dictates policies. Big tech holds the power now. Don't you realize how dangerous it is? If Trump is a trickster who is Biden and Kamala Harris? What happened to you? Did you start supporting leftist identity politics and what is going on the US? Are you a supporter of critical race theory? I am asking because that's what's is going on now. First time I am so disappointed listening to you. Something happened to you that I do not understand. You are not the same Jordan Peterson you used to be. Well, happens. You are not the first disappointment and obviously not the last.

  7. Gotta disagree with this guy about people being intelligent. Most people are very stupid and believe everything they read on social media.

  8. Brilliant interview… your patience and spot on direction as moderator is pure perfection. On the First Amendment Peterson is 100% on point, vulnerable, and sharing his truth. Cannot ask for more than that.. Being loyal and honest and humble is the true beauty in life.

  9. I’m a 33 year old depressed and anxious woman, with insecurities rooted in childhood, who find wisdom and encouragement listening to you, JBP.

    Many thanks! : )

  10. JORDAN, you desperately need to start monitoring of Rumble / BannonWarRoom sorted for most recent. Your lack of knowledge will be deliberate if you know about them (us) and do not monitor us. Also, CitizenFreePress dot com. Get educated Bud and then you will know the answers to your questions re Trump. Your presumptions prove you are only getting dupe-industry news

  11. JP defending trump's repuglikkkconfederate (1/6/21) PARTY, taking the right to vote away in 47 states, is appalling, disgusting, disrespectful, harmful, vulgar, and violent; IT SPEAKS TO HIS true racist hateful subconscious gossip! I am disappointed in him, I know a racist when I hear one, JP is contemptuous, fragile, speaking foolishness: read between the lines. JP it is a bad look, DO BETTER!

  12. That was bomb. JP is a real one…I sometimes felt Patrick was trying to get him to agree with his views on certain topics and Jordan kept it clear the distinction between temperament and a desire for truth.

    I haven’t listened to too much JP so has no idea he’d specifically been addressing order vs chaos; that line of thinking came to me one morning while I was trying to reason about life…but hadn’t quite thought about it in the way he had about the balance.

    At any rate appreciate the interview; will be going back to this one more than one time!

  13. "Where is the wise? where is the scribe? where is the disputer of this world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?" 1 Corinthians 1:20
    "For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent." 1 Corinthians 1:19
    "For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness." 1 Corinthians 3:19
    "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God." Psalms 14:1

  14. 67 YO Mexican/German American here, from a broken and deeply disturbed family. Both my parents tried to commit suicide and had miserable lives. I have been through poverty, depression, and near homelessness through my twenties and into my early 30's.

    Against all odds, and with no encouragement from anyone, I found a career path in my early 30's, and married a great gal in my late 30's. She came from a poor but emotionally healthy family, and we built a happy life and family together.

    I found my way, but I wish I had someone like Jordan Peterson to listen to in my early 20's, I might have saved myself more than a decade of misery and mistakes.

  15. I like a lot of what I hear Jordan Petersen saying, but I think his assessment of Trump isn't entirely correct. Trump quite obviously did a lot for the economy of America – compare that with what they are experiencing now.

  16. Their is so much help in the Catholic church. Don't go because your favorite preacher or priest their is their,its about you talking to God and asking for help and accept what whatever happens.When the unspeakable happens we tend to accept it and survive it in a healthy way.

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