April 11, 2021


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11 thoughts on “Journey – Foster Gamble

  1. Because the average person doesn't really care about Khalid.
    Because it had to look believeable.
    Because people got stressed and wanted to aid in retribution towards those evil terrorists.


    Since the govt. committed 9/11, why arent truthers demanding the release of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who is on trial for his life for a crime truthers claim he did not commit?

    If there was no flight 93, please explain how 95% of the plane debris was recovered?

    If there was no flight 77, please explain how 130+ witnesses reported seeing a plane?

  3. i was thinking that myself…is consciousness really produced by the brain or is brain more like a filter for consciousness? why do we even call it that? i have heard of a disease where they have to remove one side of the brain at a young age for person to survive…makes you think.

  4. We also must define what is material and what is extra-material. What if there's no difference?
    We also must define what is to define something?
    All we know is that we know nothing and this is still arrogant lol.

  5. Still proves nothing, but its an interesting observation. But cases of brain damages contradict this. What we think is or should be consciousness needs a redefinition.

  6. Might? It does indeed transcend the physical body. All one needs to do is to step outside and take a look. Love unlocks the door — complete, unconditional love for others without regard for the "self." It's almost as if a light switch had been turned on.

  7. Also, brain damage or drugs can alter the mind and personality of one person. I know its depressing to see it that way but our essence seems to be based on matter.

  8. Falacious argument: saying that because all our cells gets replaced , the mind cannot be of material origin because it does not change. Let me tell you that if you change all the building blocks of an house for the same type of building blocks, the house will still be the same house in the end. Its just a renewal of the cells. This argument doesn't prove anything.

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