June 17, 2021


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JOURNEY TO THE EDGE OF THE Universe | Space Documentary 2020 Full HD 1080p

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34 thoughts on “JOURNEY TO THE EDGE OF THE Universe | Space Documentary 2020 Full HD 1080p

  1. We live in human realm above is is Cultivator realm , above them are Celestial realm and above them are god realm, above that are supreme realm, and above that are immortal realm

  2. Do you guys think The Cosmic Peace Corps failed to protect Earth from Cartoons/films and games that are about Death Notes and bruises (God of Egypt, God of War video game, Steven Universe and Gravity Falls) and The Planet Peace Corps behave more like characters from Disney's Home. Reference: They came from the Charles book. Or are they successes that made the planet have less pollution now, black and white people are living in harmony and world hunger/poverty is solved in the year 2020 meaning they passed??

  3. Completly science fiction, I know but hear me out. I see our universe as the Beta Universe. Alpha is a densely packed universe. So densly packed it spewed out into the next adjacent universe to blow off excess steam. The galaxies we see are billions of years of dense matter expelled to our universe, like marbles in a flimsy plastic bag. Whirled overhead and it splits. It causes a heap of Marbles to spill out the cracks of the bag. In our relative terms it takes a few moments as we duck from the balls of glass hurtling towards our heads. Laugh and pick them up. But this is happening incredibly slowly. Like the spinner of the bag is almost frozen in time. That's us. Observing outside the bag as the marbles fling out at breaks in the bag. As we can't get near to the tears we don't know. Gravity changes space time. Mass and gravity slows it. There is my flaw. It's opposite. The further from gravity source time slows too. Like an astronaut in orbit for years is younger by a fraction by those on the surface. Hmm. Perhaps the very nature of density creates time? I don't know. Sound's stupid and it is entirely. I had a lucid dream. If anyone experienced Lucid Dreams too they understand. I slept for about 6 hours. I had work. I was aware of my dream. It was a lot of fantasy and stuff, but it felt like I was in an aircraft hanger the whole time. Not an actual Airfaft Hanger, I mean my dreams existed on this soundstage. . Echoes and feedback. I was told, (it's a dream so disregard any actual science lol) time In your head works differently to actual time you experience in your universe. I woke up and felt so tired. I dunno. I think the universe we obsererve is a byproduct of a process we don't understand yet. But it's natural. We're a process happening in slow motion. To us it's life or death. To the universe it's a sneeze. Our measurement of the Universe is as far as we can see and as far as matter stops on a trajectory on or relative physics. I have now a feeling our relative physics are "Relative" to Earth on a spiral arm of a sneeze from alpha. 

    Remembering my dream, the person tried to explain; this around you is a constuct. A dream. Fantasy. You are subject to it's laws and physics as you percieve them. But you hear the echo and bondaries. There are limits. If you concentrate too hard you'll break and wake. But you can bend and twist them as you want. I had a few liason's and walked the empty space amazed by my ability to create and break the boundaries as I willed. I was told this isn't a made up reality. This WAS reality. But you have to perceive it. -buy my book at – kidding. It was weired but I believe it. It was just a dream. But it made a lot of sense.
    Sleep and try to lucid dream. Intense gravity causes time? 1g on Earth causes our perception of time. Can we shift that? Alcohol abuse causes blackouts. Marjuana causes fliud time perception. Is it possible to pecieve time differently? On MJ or Alcohol perception of time increases.

    Or stops altogether. In case of alcohol. There's a disconnect.

  4. When i am talk to my friends or coworkers about the universe, they look at me like i am a mad man… like i am telling fairy tales…. Yet this makes me smile, cuz all the facts about the universe are real 🙂

  5. Space is really amazing to the point that i want to be immortal to not miss upcoming events, and discover other lifeform from other planets, until they invent time machine, discover on how did everything starts, gather some homies to be immortal and travel amazing places on universe. Like those are what im thinking everynight, it's just amazing to think of it

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